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MG Midget interior install guide?

Posted by Just 
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Just Avatar
Justin Priami
Dickson,TN, USA   usa
I have a 67 MG Midget I am trying to install the interior in. I ordered the carpet kit and panel kit from Victoria British. I got a box and bags full of stuff. But no guide on what goes where. I can figure out most of the items where they go. But there are several smaller pieces that I have no clue. Is there a guide or any other instructions online that I can use to help?

Kerr Avatar
Norm Kerr
Ann Arbor, MI, USA   usa
this page linked has about as good a picture of where the trim parts go as any:

There should also be extra vinyl material in the trim kit for wrapping the door caps, and for gluing flat to a few strategic locations around the interior to bridge behind pieces of trim (hide the gaps): such as all the way up the A & B pillar, between the trim and the weatherstrip (tuck it under the weatherstrip).

and this one for the carpets:

the sketch on the right is looking from the rear forward. I found that if the carpet is rather stiff, and a good fit (not too small to slop around) you don't even have to bother with snaps, as it all just lays in place. But you will have to glue the carpet piece #1 over the box section where the rear wheel wells meet the package tray, to make it want to stay there. I never did get the #5 piece that goes over the floor reinforcement right in front of the seats to stay put because people always kick it out of position when they get in/out. Finally I just took them out and the exposed, painted piece of floor looked just fine (with some patina from foot scuffing). I bet snaps would have worked well there.


Just Avatar
Justin Priami
Dickson,TN, USA   usa
Thanks I will take a look

mdkgator Avatar
Michael King
Mobile, Ala., USA   usa
Call Vicky Brit--they have an installation guide that comes with their full interior kit. Ask them to send you a copy. The only improvising I had to do was to get a piece of carpet to fill in the area along the tranny tunnel near the accelerator. I had some black carpet anyway for my trunk and I used that--looks great with my tan interior.

Billy Aintsayin'
south, USA   usa
In reply to a post by mdkgator Call Vicky Brit--they have an installation guide that comes with their full interior kit.

Man, they suck for tech support. I'm suprised you got help.

mdkgator Avatar
Michael King
Mobile, Ala., USA   usa
To be honest I didn't--the guide came with the kit. However, I believe it might also be available on their website.

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