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Sill Pics Part 2

Posted by imstriker 
2015 Motoring Challenge
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Matthew Willey
Indianapolis, USA   usa
Sorry, I goofed up a bit here are a couple more pics.

101_4359.JPG    29 KB

101_4361.JPG    26 KB
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O, Ontario, Canada   can
1967 MG MGB GT "Maggie (GT From Hell)"
That brings back memories. If you are willing and patient, anything can be fixed. I had never welded on a car when I started my project. Nothing is really hard, just need to take time and think things through.

I have a few pics posted on my site. Ask away and I am sure I can talk you through anything.


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IM000376.jpg    39.1 KB

IMG_1588.JPG    34.1 KB
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Midget63 Avatar
Nick Herwegh
-, Netherlands   nld
As Peter says: anything can be fixed !
As long as the rear spring attachment points aren't gone, your car can be fixed !
Sorry to hear your car is worse than expected though !
Good luck,

Nick, '63Midget

O, Ontario, Canada   can
1967 MG MGB GT "Maggie (GT From Hell)"
Rear spring attachment points can be fixed also. Since I consider the spring boxes to be the heart of any quarter elliptic car, I highly recomend repair or replacement of the boxes at this point.

Gotta go to China, back in a week


Bryanm362 Avatar
Bryan Matthews
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA   usa


Yes, that rust must be cut out. You can probably fix the inner sill "piece meal" if you like. To save money. But stuff like in your picture needs to be cut out.

If other areas are pretty solid you may be alright, sand blasting them, wire wheeling them, rust converting, and spraying with rust encapsulator.

I have heard of some people reinforcing the inside of the sill by welding in some angle steel too. All the panels are available. You may want to make some bits and pieces as you go just to save money.

I know it seems a little overwhelming, but it can be a very satisfying project (Look at Peter's pictures he linked to above). You'll see drastic changes in the appearance of the car, your saving it for another generation or two, you'll improve your welding skills, and learn a lot!

Keep us posted.


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