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New product from British Car Conversions

Posted by Kill R B 
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If I may I would like to take a short survey on a new product that British Car Conversions will be marketing in the spring. This is an upgrade from the present relay center we now market. I sold these to a lot of people who wanted to upgrade their personal cars without altering any present wiring or hacking any original wiring. I need the opinion of the readers here if they would be so kind to suggest a color for the relay enclosure. The base color will be black. It's appearance has the look of the products sold by MSD, Accel and others. There is no other component that has the features of this unit in price and versatility. I'd rather not get someone excited about me trying to make a sale here. That is my main concern. I can only bring new products to the British parts market if there is a real interest. Read my profile for contact information. Below is a list of some of it's credible abilities.

Miniaturized into a 4.00L x 3.50W x 1.125H weather sealed enclosure
Fits in the very smallest places
Powerful, components can handle a total of 160 amperes
LED's on all inputs and outputs to monitor relay function
99% waterproof enclosure
Fire resistant rugged aluminum case, not plastic like competitors
Withstands temperatures in excess of 300 degrees
Dynamic but subtle appearance
Can be mounted on flat or irregular surface in any position
Can be used as a combination fuse center and/or relay center as an option
Unit can be purchased as a kit or assembled
Totally solid state circuitry
Color of your choice as an option
Board is triple thickness multi-layered and is guaranteed for life
All printed circuits are rated to 180 amperes.
Sold with 4 - 30 amp. micro-miniature relays
Impact proof case, high impact circuitry construction
Can use as a trouble shooting device for voltage/open/cotinuity/tracing circuits
Can be used on any 12 volt vehicle
Saves up to 16 wires of hardwiring your electrical system
Optional 5,6,7 or 8 relays available as a future option
Can handle 24 ga. to 10 ga. wire in vibration proof connectors.
Requires no special connectors like similar products
Full instructions included with tool listing for assembly
Priced under all competitors retail prices

Thank you, Dann Wade
British Car Conversions

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