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Air-filter housing steady

Posted by Whitworth Ranch 
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Whitworth Ranch Avatar
Mark H.
Deep Crag, California, South, USA   usa
My big victory today was installing the bracket that holds the air-cleaner housing steady. Scratched my head on a bushing for a spell, but ended up using a thin shouldered grommet I cut the outer lip off of, then happened to have some pre-unit Triumph fuel-tank bushings, which turned out to be the perfect thickness to match the steel inner sleeve that came with the bracket I got from Ed. Perfect squish, I must say. Anyway, marked the head nut, and found the torque that put it back in alignment, then swapped to the correct head nut (with the 5/16 stud on top for the bracket). Was not thrilled with the feel when torqueing it back up to 50 ft.-lb., but I tend to worry. Need some proper hose clamps and an elbow hose, but for now it is in operation. I took the photo so you can't see the zip ty I used as a lower hose "clamp," because it offends my sensibilities. But as far as you know, it doesn't exist.

Bottom line: The oil in the filter is less likely to spill...

FTD in an MGB Avatar
Ed Sweeney
Philadelphia, USA   usa
Looks great! Don't you just love when you find a random part (the Triumph bushing) that is exactly what you need?

Whitworth Ranch Avatar
Mark H.
Deep Crag, California, South, USA   usa
And if you saw my "parts department" you would understand how appropriate "random" is! Yes, it is fun to dig around and get just the right thing. It's why I buy random stuff when I go to hardware stores, particularly in farming towns. Not that you find Triumph bushings, mind, but it sure is cheerful to have something finish tidily. Thanks for the part, Ed.

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