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About to become one of THOSE guys . . .

Posted by TeamEvil 
Moss Motors Summer Drive Sale
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TeamEvil Avatar
Kingston, Massachusetts, USA   usa
Well, it had to happen at some point; it's just about time to start buying the shiny stuff. You know, the stuff in the plastic baggies with the Moss inventory labels on 'em that sit in the box in the upstairs hall closet until the car is painted and ready for assembly. Maybe the box comes out once in a while and the parts get looked at, savored, then tucked back into the box in a certain order so that they all fit . . .

I'm starting with the interior bits and bobs and wondering which is the "correct" rear view mirror, the one with the gold painted back side or the all chromed version?

No yelling about repairing the chassis first, I want a box of stuff like everybody else ! !

Chuck Schaefer
West Chicago,IL, USA   usa
The correct mirror is the gold painted one.

Definitely not a chrome or silver.

59roadster Avatar
eric s
redding, ca, USA   usa
I just got one of those gold ones from moss, and it came with screws instead of the threaded bolts that held the original one on. Good thing I saved my old stuff, the original threaded screws did not fit the through the holes in the new mirror and I had to drill them out a little though. This seems kind of weird, is it just me ?

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TeamEvil Avatar
Kingston, Massachusetts, USA   usa
Thanks guys ! I was planning on using all stainless for the fasteners that might rust or tarnish and actually be seen, so the screws/bolts that came with the mirror wouldn't matter.

Gold painted it is.

Wondering about the octagon and MG letters for the trunk? I'd heard that some sets were flat and others had the correct curvature to them. Any recommendations as to where to get the correct set?

Thanks !

TX, USA   usa
Re the rear view. Check this "MGA Idea". DO NOT plant a RVM on the left front fender which will inhibit engine adjustment.

IMG_0676.JPG    18 KB

Be Coming Avatar
Kelvin Dodd
So. Calif., USA   usa
1957 MG MGA
1957 MG MGA Coupe
1958 MG Magnette
1959 MG MGA
1962 Morgan 4 Seater   → more

The Moss ones do have the correct curvature, as I'm the one who had to crawl all over my very cramped storage building test fitting the curvature to MGA and MGB boot lids and MGB GT hatches to make sure it would fit all of the applications.


TeamEvil Avatar
Kingston, Massachusetts, USA   usa


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JimNH Avatar
Jim Mail
Nashua, New Hampshire, USA   usa
1957 MG MGA "Camilla (the Other Woman)"

I think I have an extra (original) mirror...we need to have you inventory my leftovers next time you are here.


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