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Outer rocker to shut face panel

Posted by jackalley 
2015 Motoring Challenge
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Tony Leyva
Glendale, Arizona, USA   usa
1959 MG MGA
1968 MG MGB
i was hoping someone had the photos you originally asked for, but apparently not. So I went out to my garage and put the cover on my body and took one for you. Also look the inside of the cover , it is doubled over for the sill line, mine is still a little buckled by the screws, don't know how flat the double layer should be, haven't got that far in the process but expecting to get the hammer out again!

IMG_0247.JPG    24.3 KB

IMG_0248.JPG    25.8 KB
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jackalley Avatar
Jeff Allen
Mass, USA   usa
Thanks for the pictures. I dug out my original shut face and wanted to see how they fit.
They fit much better than my replacements that came with the B pillar.

I am happy with the B pillar fit and will just need to rehab the old shut face. They just need a few whacks with a hammer to take a few dents out...

photo1a.JPG    19.5 KB

photo1b.JPG    23.2 KB
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JimNH Avatar
Jim Mail
Nashua, New Hampshire, USA   usa
1957 MG MGA "Camilla (the Other Woman)"
Jeff, those look perfect, if a bit dingy and ding-y.

I am sure Tom (Team Evil) will take your incorrect ones for his non-car project.


TeamEvil Avatar
Kingston, Massachusetts, USA   usa
Just bought some used shut panels, been cleaning them up this afternoon actually. So far, REAL good. Jeff has an extra set of used ones that I might try to steal from him to use on the other MGA once I get it home. Whatever he charges me, if he sells them to me, is going to be a deal 'cause I get to skip the shipping costs . . .

jackalley Avatar
Jeff Allen
Mass, USA   usa
I am going to trace out my "new" set that don’t fit very well vs. my original's that fit great to see where it all goes wrong...

Tom, you have 2 MGA's now?!? I guess I missed that....

Your more than welcome to my "new"...

TeamEvil Avatar
Kingston, Massachusetts, USA   usa
Well . . . two piles of parts.

One pile is in the shape of a '58, and the other the shape of a '62.

The '62 is sort of neat in that it's got a "broken spine" and the middle rests on the ground.

But, as always, I live in hope.

"Your more than welcome to my "new"..."

Cool, just come up with a price and lemme know when it's time to scoop 'em up. I can wait until you're sure that you've got the best set on your car and everything lines back up again.


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2012-01-03 06:55 PM by TeamEvil.

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