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Cool MGA shot

Posted by riggs5614 
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Chad Riggs
Knoxville, USA   usa
Saw this on the front page of

I have a "B" but thought you "A" guys would like this.

fp_featured_1.jpg    39.5 KB

Eka1959 Avatar
Steve Jackson
Loveland, Colorado, USA   usa
Lucas strikes again, none of the gauges are working.


Texas Aggie Avatar
Chris Spence
Austin, TX, USA   usa
That is a cool shot. She also needs to adjust her rear view mirror if her face is reflected in a shot above the car. Or, maybe they just photoshopped it so we could see her pretty face?

I watched about 10 minutes of the first episode, but couldn't stand much more. Nice looking cars (and women) though. At least she didn't have her foot on the MGA like this poor Porsche:

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Porsche Panam.jpg

ron neal Avatar
Coastal, South Carolina, USA   usa
I had a MGA in a shoot for Outer Banks and they never even started the car. That did not upset me as I knew they had no clue how to anyway.

Did a photo shoot for Ralph Lauren with a MGC many years ago and that was a class act. All you can eat with a catered banquet tent and chef plus more money that I deserved. Nice scenery but very boring after about 30 minutes of watching. Now I know why they pay models big bucks, job sucks.


Bob Agar Avatar
Robert Agar
Green Valley, AZ, USA   usa
1953 MG TD "Myrtle Anne"
1974 MG MGB "The Mistress"
At least the fan works!

1974.5 MBG Tourer with Weber 32/36 mod and AC.
1957 MGA 1500 Coupe - Stock and original except paint
1953 MG TD - Original car with no mods

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