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Posted by Gary E 
Moss Motors
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Gary E Avatar
Gary Edwards
Kernersville, ,N.C., USA   usa
The trunk lid on my new A has holes for a large Amco luggage rack. The holes are on the edges and are about 5/16 diameter. I was thinking of using the low temp alumiweld product to fill the holes.
Has anyone used this or similar products to fill holes or do you have another suggestion ??


Speedracer Avatar
Hap Waldrop
Greenville, SC, USA   usa
1967 MG MGB Racecar "The Biscuit"
Yes, that stuff will work for that, I used that stuff for years.

Hap Waldrop
Acme Speed Shop

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Gary E Avatar
Gary Edwards
Kernersville, ,N.C., USA   usa
Thanks Hap.
Harbor Freight has it for $12.95 as opposed to 44.95 from Eastwood or direct from Alumaweld


JimNH Avatar
Jim Mail
Nashua, New Hampshire, USA   usa
1957 MG MGA "Camilla (the Other Woman)"
I have tried it with mixed results - make sure your parts are clean.

Practice on something else first!


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Vincent Rafter
south/yorkshire, UK   gbr
sounds like good stuff, can I buy it in the UK, Vin

jeff schultz
wake forest, nc, USA   usa
Probably many other brands and sources.

These are really like soldering or brazing. Because aluminum oxidizes so readily, results are mixed.

PS I am curious if there is anything in the UK equivalent to This is a mail order business that sells cheap tools imported from the Far East and also has many retail stores across the US.

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Neil MG Avatar
Neil McGurk
Cumbria, UK   gbr
1956 Morris Minor
1958 MG MGA
1960 MG MGA
1961 MG MGA    & more

I would like to know too! Seems you can get everything there at very good prices! We have a lot of wannabees, but as far as I know no one company that can provide such economy of scale. I usually trawl the internet to find the best deal and as often as not find that the cheapest source is also an eBay power seller. I have not found one source that is consistently the cheapest.


I got some stuff that sounds similar from a Swedish guy demonstrating it at NEC classic car show. I have got round to trying it yet, but he made it look simple!! and great fun too!? He also claimed that it was a unique product only available from his company....!

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