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Door panel removal

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michaelodonnell123 michael odonnell
north bergen, NJ, USA   USA
Hello Fellow MGB people;
How do you remove the inner door panel on a '74 MGB?


Michael '74 MGB
good photos

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3885KOONTZ Avatar
3885KOONTZ Dave Budden
Sandy, Ut, USA   USA
1992 Ford Full Size Bronco "YRUUGLY"
2005 Dodge Neon
Very carefully. The best way that I have found is to buy the dedicated tool, oh boy a new tool.Other than that, try to find the christmas tree plugs and prise very carefully, with a putty knife right next to them. A putty knife on either side of each one is better, but gets into the realm of needing 3 hands.
Good luck

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Dashface Josh Szczepanowski
Victoria, BC, Canada   CAN
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Door panel removal isn't as hard as you'd think. I do it all the time, since my windows have a bad habit of falling off into the inside of the door!

On my car, the steps are as follows (I assume they should be similar on yours):

1) Open door
2) Roll down window (it helps to get at things)
3) un-screw the four square screws that hold on the arm-rest rail thingy (don't lose the screws!) and remove it. Also be careful not to pull the chrome end-pieces out of the arm-rest (it's wood, and might be rotten)
4) un-screw the two screws holding the door handle on
5) slide off the two plastic surrounds which go around the interior handle
6) un-screw the retaining bolt that holds the winding handle on, and remove it as well.
7) Then go ahead and pop out all the plastic fasteners around the panel, lift it slightly, and remove it.

And that's it! Sounds like a long process written out like that, but I've got it down to a science - it's like field-stripping a rifle at this point haha smiling smiley Have fun, and enjoy fishing all sorts of other screws and metal bits out of the inside of the door!

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