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Battery size

Posted by B..seein ya 
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B..seein ya Avatar
Brian MacMillan
Seattle, USA   usa
I've done a search and concluded that the Series 26 battery is the battery of choice here. Problem is I measure my battery box at 7.5" by 7.5" and after checking the series 26 specs online I get a measurement of 6.75" by 8.75". That was the Sears Die Hard series 26 northern. I 've got a stock 69GT, has anyone else got a simliar model with the size 26 battery mounted?

Thanx, Brian

esd3104 Avatar
Simon Dix
O'Fallon MO, USA   usa
1972 MG MGB "Scarlett"
1977 MG MGB "Tigger"

Don't know if it will help but for my 72B roadster I just went down to AutoZone and grabbed their cheapest group 26 off the shelf. I can't recall the brand but it wasn't even the Duralast that AZ typically has. I just needed something to try and get the car started after buying it.

That dropped right in and I didn't measure. From what I had read on here a group 26 should be the one to go for to fit in the passenger side batt box for conversion to a single 12v.

Are you trying the passenger side box vs the driver's side?


blackmgb Avatar
Fred McConnell
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA   usa
1992 Mazda Miata NA "MAC"
Does that include the battery boxes you can slip down into the trays?

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tedjr Avatar
Ted R. Schneider Jr.
Akron, Ohio, USA   usa
1974 MG MGB "Ruby"
1974 MG MGB GT "The Orphan"
I have a 74 and not sure if the battery compartment is a different size than the 69gt, but I have a 26R Duralast from Auto Zone measures 8.75i X 6.75i at the top (for the handy handle) and 7.75i X 6.75i at the base. The compartment widens from the base to the top and it fits nicely with room to spare.

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batteryholddown.jpg    78.5 KB

B..seein ya Avatar
Brian MacMillan
Seattle, USA   usa
Yes, measured the passenger side though the driver appears to identical. No worries, I'll just go and get the battery and give it a shot. Thought I might double up on the batteries and go with dual 12's. I hate battery problems :-)

Derek up North Avatar
Derek Nicholson
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada   can
1961 MG MGA
BCI Group Numbers and Dimensions


I just went and confirmed in my '73 'B, and I've got a Group 26R battery from Wallyworld.

No liner installed.

I don't think there's any need to install 2 12v batteries. IMHO, it's overkill.

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B..seein ya Avatar
Brian MacMillan
Seattle, USA   usa
Hello Fred, no there's no boxes. I don't see how anyone gets those boxes and a battery in there. If after I get the battery in I feel theres room, I'll address the box issue. Would love to have the boxes, noise, water dirt....

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B..seein ya Avatar
Brian MacMillan
Seattle, USA   usa
Ted, that makes sense, the compartment is smaller at the bottom. Thanks for checking and mentioning, the handle would make the difference and it's a gotta have on this cars.

esd3104 Avatar
Simon Dix
O'Fallon MO, USA   usa
1972 MG MGB "Scarlett"
1977 MG MGB "Tigger"
yep group 26R - I thought there was an R on it but could recall and a search didn't help. Yep 26R is the way to go. I believe Ted is "right on the mark".


SE Pa., USA   usa
It will depend where your possitive battery cable will reach, if you need a 26 or 26R. I used the one from Walmart and had to cut off the holddown tabs on the battery ends.

RSS Avatar
RSS Gold Member
Northern, Virginia, USA   usa
Group 26 fits fine with the box in there. John is right about the cables - depending on routing and available length it can be painful, but it all fits.

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rrmgb Avatar
robert schau
Reston, VA., USA   usa
1973 MG MGB
1973 MG MGB
I ran 2 - 12V batterys for awhile. Thought it would be a good idea but really isnt needed. Batts are really good these days. Had a cut off switch on the extra and turned the switch on to keep the 2nd one charged as a back up.

ingoldsb Avatar
Terry Ingoldsby
Calgary, Alberta, Canada   can
1971 MG MGB
Some Group 26 batteries have a hold down tab at the bottom. This is a problem, especially with the plastic case (which I have). I used a hacksaw to cut the hold down tab off the bottom (so much for the warranty). Once that was removed it fit like a glove. Okay - it was O.J.'s glove, but a glove. smiling smiley

There is also a Miata battery that is quite a bit smaller (and probably more expensive) that is much easier to fit. It is apparently fully sealed since it is supposed to go in the Miata's trunk.

Terry Ingoldsby

Brandon Brazil Avatar
Montgomery, Alabama, USA   usa
1974 MG MGB GT "Iris"
yes, the 26 fits in the bins, i installed two bins - one for storage - keep down noise - and a cut off switch.

Picture 4524.jpg    52.4 KB
Picture 4524.jpg

fordgt Avatar
Gary Ford
Gainesville, FL, USA   usa
1969 MG MGB
I have the Westco version of the Mazda Miata Battery, Haven't fired it up yet, but it fits with plenty of room cost = $113 but it is a sealed gel type battery which is what I was looking for. the specs are posted if you do a search of westco you can see what is involved.

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1969 MGB (almost finished!!)
1973 Cougar XR7 Ragtop (next project in line)

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