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Ecco fuel pump update

Posted by John W.Karwacki 
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John Karwacki
Northwestern Ontario, Canada   can
1957 MG MGA 1500 Coupe "Money Pit"
1967 MG MGB GT "Piece Of Junk"
Well people I got this pump installed & put in a fuel filter prior to the pump & then another in the engine compartment.I was excited to try this,but unfortunately I have a MAJOR problem.The first carb(rear)was getting flooded like crazy!!My technical advisers thought the float & gasket were a problem.So I changed them.SAME Thing.Then they thought the actual bowl might be cracked.Changed that....Same thing.Tried plugging the rear feed line to see if the front one was OK.Now the new(used) bowl assy I put on the rear,has it's original float in it & you could hear it rattling around in there....I'll examine that tomorrow.I am wondering if there IS too much pressure from this fuel pump going to the carbs.It was mentioned to install a pressure regulator.I don't have a clue what I should be looking for here or what type of regulator to use or where do I insert it in this chain....The fuel comes out of the top of the float & the mouth of the carb....Oh yes,the fuel pump makes a nice ticking noise and DEFINATELY works!!

Victoria, BC, Canada   can
The very first thing you gotta do, is check the pressure!! If it is over 3 psi, take it back, if it is under 3 psi start lookin' at your float settings, needle and seat, and whatever!! GOOD LUCK BUDDY!!

John Karwacki
Northwestern Ontario, Canada   can
1957 MG MGA 1500 Coupe "Money Pit"
1967 MG MGB GT "Piece Of Junk" lives!!! I've managed to solve the leakage problem. One of the problems was a new fuel line i purchased off good 'ole ebay. It was brand new but I forgot to check it for any possible blockage. Sure enough, the end feeding the front carb was plugged. I then proceeded to check the floats, recleaned them and I became aware of a bad installation after looking at the carbs on my '66. I noticed I had put one float top on backwards, therefore, the intake was actually wrong. After fixing all this, I tried to check for leaks; the only noticeable leak was now at the bottom of the front float bowl where the jet enters. I removed that, replaced the jet, checked again for leaks and there were none this time. I really pushed my luck, turned the key and she fired up. Being that I didn't have my throttle cable connected yet, I thought 5 sec was long enough. Think I'm on the right track now. After all is said and done, the fuel pump is a good unit.

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Victoria, BC, Canada   can
I hate to be a whiner or anything, but don't you check this kind of stuff before you post?? I always try and figger it out before I ask!! No big deal!

Blake Sonnier Avatar
lake charles, Louisiana, USA   usa
1956 MG MGA "Maggie"
1963 MG MGB
1972 MG MGB "Sweet Thing"
1974 MG MGB GT "None Yet"    & more
Gee Gary....

John Karwacki
Northwestern Ontario, Canada   can
1957 MG MGA 1500 Coupe "Money Pit"
1967 MG MGB GT "Piece Of Junk"
Sorry to be a burden on your private space Gary!

Well personally I kind of like the "play by play" as you can probably tell by my running MGB journal. So, keep it up.


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Mark Jones Avatar
Close to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada   can
1995 MG MGF "Barney"
1996 Land Rover Discovery
Gee, and I thought the only stupid question was the one you don't ask.

Thanks for sharing John. I've learing something that I didn't know before about SU's.

Wray Avatar
Wray Lemke
., South Carolina, USA   usa
Me too. I appreciate seeing the steps that others take to solve their problem. I'll use another's hard earned experience in a skinny minute, with thanks. Although we can all solve problems, why re-invent the wheel? Just because a strong man can lift a heavy weight doesn't mean he's anxious to do so. I suspect a similar problem might happening with my Magnette. So, keep us posted John.

tony barnhill Avatar
Tony Barnhill
Gurley, Alabama, USA   usa
1953 MG TD
1956 MG Magnette ZB
1959 MG MGA
1959 MG MGA Coupe    & more web site is also a play-by-play, thought-by-thought so others can see the process...oh well, guess you can't please some people no matter what you try...they just continue asking for it!

Tony Barnhill
Supplying Member: Used Parts for All MG's ~ New Parts for all LBC's
MOSS Distributor & VICTORIA BRITISH Dealer


In addition to the MG's listed on the left:
1971 VW Karmann Ghia
1972 Norton 750 Commando Motorcycle
1973 VW Bug
1982 Mercedes 380SL
1985 Jaguar XJ6

You did it right John. That way others can learn from your experience as well. Not all of us know it all right off the bat. I wouldn't have thought to check out a new fuel line for blockage !!

HI, Had Ecco pump in B I bought..Rear float kept overflowing at jet and from float bowl..Took readind and pressure was 15 lbs. Fuel actually flowed into the vapor cannister and out the vent tube. Use an inexpensive vacuum guage to check pressure. Directions come with unit and it is very simple to use. Yes, only dumb question is the one not asked.

Clark Ward
Statesboro, GA, USA   usa
1975 MG MGB "Miss Moneypenny"
John W.-
I appreciate your posting your foibles openly, so that the rest of us can benefit from the experience... If we all hid our mistakes, we'd all have to make the same ones!

**The first rule of thermodynamics is that you don't talk about thermodynamics**

75 MGB Roadster

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