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Painting JB Weld?

Posted by ChuckW 
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Can JB Weld be sanded and painted? I have a place on the B where it appears I could make a fix with JBWeld. But I also need to be able to paint the fix. Anybody know?

If it's completely cured I think you can paint it. It does outgas for some time when freshly applied, but if you wait a couple days you should be OK. Also consider using POR-15, everyone on the board seems to like it.

I found some JBWeld on the bottom side of the air-rail on my 71 bgt when I desmogged it. It was painted engine red. Have no idea what the preparation is, but I've seen it painted.

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JB Weld will "gas out" for a long time. It took a year or more for it to bubble under a job I once did and it had cured for over a week. In body work, fiberglass reenforced body filler will hold anything JB will.

That's what I needed to know. Thanks.

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