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Buying a 75 MGB convertible

Posted by Victor Cardona 
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One of my co-workers is selling his 75 MGB, I don't know much about MG's (but the idea of buying one and restoring it is looking very appealing). Since I started cosidering the idea I have been reading everything I find about MGs (which of course is motivating me even more)and it looks that there are plenty of parts out there at reasonable prices(?).
My question is, is 2,000 dollars a reasonable price?, like I mentioned before the car is a 1975 MGB convertible, the body is sound and it is running strong, it has a brand new top and exhaust. On the bad side, the floor pans are bad, mainly the driver side, the seats are torn and the emergency brake doesn't work. Any comments will be appreciated, thanks in advance

A word to the wise... when buying a B, It is my opinion that if you arn't going to spend a lot of money up front and your intent is to restore the car, you should buy a car that looks good (Body, paint, int.) and then fix the mechanics. I did the opposite of that and got a B that ran great but needed major asthetics. I'm paying for it now.
Like you said, parts are easy to come by. If the car's body is in good shape and it looks ok all around, I would take it if it costs $2000.00
Good luck, and have fun. MGB's are a great car to own.

David Newham

Another word to the wise, '75 being the first year for rubber "B's" was unfortunately the worst handling "B". The suspension was heightened to US specs.and wasn't given a anti sway bar till 77 so check out the front suspension to see if a sway bar has been fiited, if it has theres one problem solved. the next "B's" are every where and parts are plentifull, do you really want a 75 sure the price is attractive but in that condition with the floor pans shot and most likely the inner sills too, it really is worth half that depending on location ie; a city demands higher prices than the country. Also check up in the front wheel arches towards the back on top of the triangle shaped box for any rust through if there is and for that price, walk a way another "B" will come your way, I know I'm on my 5th having learned the expensive route and having rubber "B's" and now a chromie.

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I'm with Roland, MGB's didn't exactly handle like a Porsche 914 in any year, but 75 to 76 really sucked. Don't think you can just toss a sway bar on it and send it down the road, if you do that, your asking to turn it into a Chevy Corvair/ Ralph Nader nightmare. If the car is nice, I don't think $2000 is unreasonable. If high performance handling is not that big of a deal to you, if your the tooling around town kind of person, then don't worry about it. I like thrashing my GT around the mountain on weekends so I steered clear of mid 70's B's.
Floor pan kits are cheap, the cost of having them installed might cost a couple of bucks, but no biggie. Any MGB is a good car to own!!!!

i am also looking at a 75 mgb .the body needs some work,the paint is bad. also it was built 11/75 does that make it a76?but, for $350.00 i think i can work with it. what do you think.

Jerry, I think I hate you!

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