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"Restore" oil additive improves compression?

Posted by Dan Elkins 
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Dan Elkins Avatar
Evansville IN, USA   usa
Has anyone used "Restore Engine Restorer & Lubricant with CSL"?

This oil additive claims to restore compression and horsepower in older engines. I found a can at Auto Zone and the label states: "If your car has over 40k miles, we guarantee you will feel the increase in compression and power within 500mi back."

The manufacturer claims their product fills in fine scratches worn in cylinder walls and improves piston ring seal to restore compression balance across all cylinders.

My '74B engine only has 22k miles but it is 32 years old. And the best compression I can get by adjusting valves and running "SeaFoam" in the oil and gas is roughly 130psi across all cylinders. Not terrible but only 90% of the 145psi spec'd. (I interpret it as missing 5.5hp from a 55hp engine!)

I'm curious but suspicious.

Dan Elkins

nox Avatar
S. Patrick Gallaty
Memphis, USA   usa
Most snake oil is just that. The only snake oil that I have ever found works is seafoam.

BTW does your engine have an "L" in the engine number?

if so it only started with about that much compression

also compression testers and testing methods are notoriously inaccurate.

Mike B Avatar
Michael Baron
Edmonton, Canada   can
1958 Triumph TR3A
1964 Plymouth Sport Fury "'Furious George'"
1972 MG MGB GT "'Killa B'"
2001 Kia Sportage
I have used it in the past, over ten years ago, I was young and couldn't afford the engone rebuild my 77 spitfire needed. It claims to have a ceramic additive that coats the inside of the piston cylinder walls and fills in any scrapes and scraths, claiming to give better compression. I saw no noticlible improvement, but the claim that it works over 500mi is misleading to me, how can you remember whow your car drove 500mi ago and compare it to now?

The best improvment i've seen is by running seafoam thru the fuel system and crank case.

Mike B

'64 Plymouth Sport Fury 383 auto.
'58 Triumph TR-3A, awaiting some TLC
'08 Jeep Wrangler

71EmmaG Avatar
Bryan Kearse
Raleigh, N.C., USA   usa
1971 MG MGB "EmmaG"
The only things I found that truly work are Seafoam and Bar's Radiator Stop Leak. This stuff may work magic, but I think with your motor's good condition it will be hard to tell.

EmmaG - 1971 MGB with O/D - British Racing Green
Family member since 1984.
Engine Mods - Kent mild race cam, P&P'd non-smog head with SS valves, Balanced bottom end with +0.030 deep-dish pistons, Crane XR-3000 with PS-91 Coil, Fiesta alternator, HS4s with K&N filters and ported intake, 2" exhaust with ported stock manifold.
Suspension - Stock Levers all around, 14" Minators, 195/70-R14 BFGoodrich Traction T/A - H-rated.

Dad's Ride - 1962 TR4 - Viper Red
3 year restoration completed in 1998.
Engine Mods - Balanced motor with 87mm Piston Kit, Mallory dual-point dizzy, Monza sport exhaust.
Suspension - Koni shocks - Front, Stock levers - Rear, 15" Minators, 195/65-R15 Michelin X-one - H-rated.

sheckwall Avatar
Bill Stovall
Klamath Falls,OR, USA   usa
1979 MG MGB "Little Car"
I have tried it a few times...I had a 95 Jeep Wrangler with a 4 cylinder (worst engine I have ever owned) and it did a good job at quieting some of the racket from the engine. Not sure of compression but my neighbor now owns the Jeep and loves it....seemed to have no ill effects.

1979 MGB, 62,000 miles, 32/36 weber, patriot header, everything else stock

Jim K Avatar
James A. Krasnansky
Liberty, KY, USA   usa
1970 MG MGB GT "Chloe"
1971 MG MGB GT "Roscoe"
1972 MG MGB "Camilla"
I use it - can't say it helps more than quieting noisy lifters, but it doesn't seem to do any harm, either. Used "Slick 50" years ago - cost like $50.00 in 1982 money. Seafoam I use regularly, and CD-2 in the fuel (lead replacement) - got about 25 mpg on my last 125 mile trip to Anchorage.

Jim K is a grease-stained wretch

Gerry Avatar
Gerry Masterman
Prairieville, Louisiana, USA   usa
I have used Restore on other engines. Seemed to work for a while. I don't believe it is a cure-all for rebuilding an engine, though

Signature removed at Skye's request

Ed Hering
Crete, IL, USA   usa
1977 MG MGB
I bought a 1995 Escort for $400 and got it drivable. It's a beater with an engine which smokes a bit; it burns oil. Everything is good except the engine, and the engine's not all that bad--just smoky. It goes about a hundred miles before it needs a quart of oil added, but the car's 35 MPG makes that a non-issue. AutoZone 5W-30 is $1.70 per quart, so what the hey.

I decided, what the heck, when am I going to have another car I can test "snake oil" additives on? I'm going to replace the engine anyway, so why not?

I tried that "Engine Restore" stuff, it did NOTHING but suck $7 out of my wallet.

Then I tried Rislone's "Ring Seal". That actually has helped control the oil burning problem. It's not entirely gone, but it helped a bit, to the point that I am now going much more than 100 miles before having to add oil.

I have not tried checking the compression before-and-after, though.

The Rislone just thickens the oil; it comes out of the bottle like honey and the instructions recommend that you add it to a warm engine. It's $3 per 16 oz bottle, which treats 4-5 quarts of oil; you dump it into a full crankcase, and/or at every oil change.

Rislone engine flush unstuck the carboned-up rings of Dad's '77 MGB back when he bought it, in 1987--which improved the compression--so I was prepared for a Rislone product to do SOMETHING other than merely suck money from my wallet. grinning smiley In fact, whenever I buy a used car, I always use a quart of Rislone engine flush in the first oil change.


Jim K Avatar
James A. Krasnansky
Liberty, KY, USA   usa
1970 MG MGB GT "Chloe"
1971 MG MGB GT "Roscoe"
1972 MG MGB "Camilla"
Ed - ever try Casite Motor Honey? I assume it along the same lines as Rislone. My NAPA guy says Motor Honey seens to work, and he doesn't even sell it! The Western Auto store here has it.

Jim K is a grease-stained wretch

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Ed Hering
Crete, IL, USA   usa
1977 MG MGB
Jim K Wrote:
Quote: Ed - ever try Casite Motor Honey? I assume it along the same lines as Rislone. My NAPA guy says Motor Honey seens to work, and he doesn't even sell it! The Western Auto store here has it.

No, but maybe I will at my next oil change. With the blowby and such the oil doesn't seem to last very long in this car, before it gets black and runny. That's about what I'd expect, anyway. I've put around a thousand miles on the car since getting it back on the road and the oil NEEDED changing. On the other hand I used some engine flush, and 1/3 can of Seafoam, and some other things. The engine was not very well-maintained, not as well as the rest of the car was--which I find a bit confusing--so a lot of the crud in the oil MIGHT just be dissolved sludge etc. I don't know.

Point being, it probably won't be all that long before I try it. Thanks for the suggestion!


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