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Anyone know where the flasher unit is on a 79 B? Moss shows it as a rectangular unit but all I have under the hood are cylindrical, relays, I believe. I hear the hazard flasher somewhere under the dash on the passenger side, is the turn signal flasher under there somewhere too? I currently have no turn signals at all and suspect the flasher unit. Thanks all.

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If you figure out what the peoblem is tell me too.....

If it's the same as on my 76, the flasher is under the glove box, way towards the front of the car. You'll have to pull out the underdash liner, if it's still there.

If you need a new flasher, I've got one that I'd mail to you for what I paid ($6) plus postage. Turned out I needed to replace the directional stalk, not the flasher on my car.

- Tom

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The flashers are behind the glove box. Turn on the hazard blinkers and follow the sound, the two flashers are side by side. Feel them both while the hazards are on, the one not clicking is the one you're after. It doesn't make any difference if they are round or rectangular, one type works as good as the other. You can get a #552 just about anywhere, even places like K-mart. The #552 has been the standard flasher in most cars for years and can be pushed endwise into the existing clip, (holder).

Might want to try the hazard switch. Mine went bad on my 71 MGB. Had left turn signal but no right signals and had partial runing lights, cant remember which side worked and wich side didn't. Good Luck

You also might try snapping the hazard switch off & on "sharply" a few times. The turn signals run through the hazard switch & can be knocked out by corrosion in the contacts of that switch.
Worth a try & won't hurt anything (or cost anything, either).

Since I too have a 79 and I too have had no turn signals, and I too have wondered where the blasted flashers are....

Ok, you get the idea. Yup, you get to them by removing the cover under the glove box. The bigger one is for the hazard lights and the smaller one is the turn signals. They are NOT interchangeable. The hazard one won't flash the turn signals since it needs all 4 lights to draw enough current to blink. The turn signal one will flash if you use it for the hazard flashers, but it will blink REALLY fast. The one with the green and lt grn/brn wires is the one you want. You should get 10-12 V on the green wire when the ignition is turned on. If not, the flasher is probably OK and the hazard switch is the culprit. (If your hazard flashers work OK, you can test the flasher for the turn signals by swapping it with the hazard one to see if it flashes). If so (and I'll bet it will), then your problem is most likely the hazard switch. They are notorious for getting dirty and burning the contacts inside. The two green wires are hot when the ignition is on. Usually, one of the green wires (the one on pin 7) is not getting voltage, because it gets power from the green wire on pin 8 through a contact in the switch. You can jumper the two green wires together if that's the problem, and it should start working fine. If so, get a new switch. Have I managed to confuse you enough yet? I just LOVE this stuff.......well, maybe not!

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Thanks to all for the flasher info. Mine is indeed under the passenger side dash. Oddly enough, the turn signals started working again before I had a chance to do all the troubleshooting stuff! If it's a loose wire/ dirty connection then it's just a matter of time before I'll have to deal with it again.

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