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I have an original AAMCO (or is it AMCO?) center armrest console that was an aftermarket option for the early B's (includes rear speaker). I have it in my 66 that I'm rebuilding (web site soon to follow). Anyway, I'd like to replace the existing center console (the one with the metal weave look), with one from the an early 70's model, and move the radio to it and have fresh air vents in the dash.

Does anyone know if the later consoles will fit this aftermarket center armrest?


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Steve, AMCO made several variations on that console. One had the armrest/compartment in the rear, then extended forward to surround the shifter, and ended there. Another extended past the shifter and had a small "instrument panel" located between the shifter and the radio console. I have one that meets the second description, but fits the 68 and later cars. The very front end of it interlocks very nicely with the 68 radio console. One problem you will encounter is that the width of the pre-68 console is less than that of the 68-on console; because the transmission tunnel got wider with the four synchro tranny and the console expanded to match. You are probably going to have to get all the pieces and see if you can make it work.
By the way, Tony Barnhill knows more about these consoles, and the European variations, than anyone else on this board.

Steve...first, the steel dash on your '66 isn't as deep/tall (top to bottom) as the dash on your '70 model...thus, if you try to fit a later radio console from a north american car, there will be about a 2" gap between the console & the could try putting one in & then build a spacer to fit the gap (i've seen that done & an equalizer put in the spacer)...
...second, (& more of a problem) the transmission tunnel in your '66 is shaped completely different from the tranny tunnel of your '70 model...thus, the later radio console won't fit flush with your tranny tunnel without some serious cutting....&, i do mean need to build a cardborad template before you start cutting.....
...the air vents are easy: just get a set of center vents from a late model b ('78, '79)...turn them sideways & push them in the radio opening...they snap right in, no mods at all!!!...then, all you have to do is cut 2 holes in your firewall for the fresh air hoses that came with the late vents...voila...fresh air vents.....i've done that on several cars (am doing it right now on jerri's '70 gt that's been modified for a '67 dash; john hubbard followed those instructions & did it to his '68 gt)..

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Thanks Guys,
I understand about the vents, but I'd like to keep a radio in it (it looks period, chrome and all, even push buttons! but it has FM).
I was just looking at Porters book thinking I might like to do something like that. But you're right, they're using a later model.

Oh well, worse comes to worse, I'll just leave the radio where it is and forget about the fresh air vents. They're only good when the top is up anyway, and 99% of the time it's down!

Thanks again!

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