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When did you get your first MG?

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mgdriver67 Avatar
mgdriver67 Silver Member Stephen Farrell
Pensacola, Florida, USA   USA
1967 MG MGB MkI "Lulu"
2016 Volkswagen GTI
2017 Honda Ridgeline 4WD "Mom's Truck"
I was thinking back to my college days yesterday when out of the blue I got a directory of all my college fraternity brothers.
I was working at Bellas Hess Grocery in Mobile Al while attending The University of South Alabama from 1966 to 1971. I had a 6 month break for training in the USAF Reserve. I was driving a candy apple red 1963 MGB Roadster. One of my brothers had a 64 MGB, another a yellow Bugeye Spite, & a Morris Minor Convertible. My co-workers all with the same low paid grocery store jobs had some interesting cars too. There was a MGA Coupe, a Datsun 510 coupe, 64 Mustang 289 4 speed Coupe and the 22 year old assistant manager had a 69 Corvette 427 Coupe and a beautiful 67 El Camino V8. There was even one VW camper van owned by another one of us. I'd love to own just about any of those cars today.

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reedrickborn Avatar
reedrickborn Reed Rickborn
Greedwood SC, USA   USA
1970 MG MGB

tvrgeek Avatar
tvrgeek Silver Member Scott S
Hillsborough, North Carolinia, USA   USA
1965 MG MGB
That would be the A I bought in about 1990, unless you count Dad's A that we kids thought was ours, that was new in 61.

Cogito ergo sum periculoso

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dohc281 Avatar
dohc281 Ira Eckstein
Laurel Springs, New Jersey, USA   USA
I bought a 1973 MGB roadster in 1975 and it was my daily driver until 1979.

If you hit your pony over the nose at the outset of your acquaintance, he may not love you, but he will take a deep interest in your movements ever afterwards.

Rudyard Kipling

RAY 67 TOURER Avatar
RAY 67 TOURER Ray Marloff
Fort Bragg, CA, USA   USA
1967 MG MGB "My Girl"
The '67 B, that I still own and drive, was purchased on March 7th 1972. It's a one owner car that's served me well for over 45 years. I rebuilt the engine in '93 and added a 4 synchro/OD transmission in the late '80s. A Moss supercharger system topped it all off in '04. It still has its original leather interior to this day. RAY

stuntflyr Avatar
stuntflyr Chris McMillin
Catalina, Foothills, USA   USA
December 14, 1974. I bought my mom's '65 pull handle for 600 bucks, it was all original and they wouldn't let me drive it until I bought a new steering wheel. Dad gave me the Hahn catalogue and pointed out the very Ferrari-esque Nardi wood rimmed/polished spoke wheel with MG horn button and adapter for $74.95. I was shocked at the price and he said, "hey, you're working. That's what you spend your money on." It came COD, mom got my money out of the dresser where I told her it was.
I actually couldn't drive it still because I was caught by the neighbors driving it before I got my license. They let me solo on my birthday but no license until February.

Resized_IMG_20170702_122218_330.jpeg    38.1 KB

MGB65B Avatar
MGB65B Gold Member Thomas Aczel
Sydney, Kurrajong Hts, Australia   AUS
1962 MG MGA MkII
1965 MG MGB "Dad's Little White Car"
My 1965 MGB: 17th of January, 1970.

And 240,000 miles, and all these years later, I still have it!
(I did nearly sell it, at least twice. A couple of people approached me over the years, one two or three times, the other repeatedly, wanting to buy it; good stories there to re-tell, one day. I'm so happy now I kept the car).

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DanN1DLH Avatar
DanN1DLH Dan DiMartino
McDonough, GA, USA   USA
1976 MG MGB
July 1976

1976 MGB - couldn't figure out why this new B didn't perform like my girlfriend's '74. (Or like my girlfriend for that matter) That wasn't the question though.smileys with beer

Gerry Avatar
Gerry Gold Member Gerry Masterman
Prairieville, Louisiana, USA   USA
In 1972 I bought a Aqua BGT in 1973 from Horace Slade used cars in Jackson Ms

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nickj Avatar
nickj Gold Member Nick Jenkins
Novato, Marin Co, CA, USA   USA
1970 MG MGB GT
1972 MG MGB
1970, a 1960 MGA. My first car, the ink on my drivers license was still wet.

mrobin Avatar
mrobin michael robinson
hendersonville, hendersonville nc, USA   USA
The first car I ever bought was a 1964 MGB in 1969.

John Prewer Avatar
York, North Yorkshire, UK   GBR
1956 MG MGA "Owned 19 Years But Now Gone"
1964 MG MGB "Bought In 1982, I Am 2nd Owner"
1969 Austin-Healey Sprite "Scrapped: Too Rusty To Save"
1978 MG MGB GT "Owned For 17 Years, Sold '98"    & more
1981, kept it for 17 years and it's still on the road (I gave it a five star rebuild!)
Here it is

DVV 350T & Space Shuttle Enterprise, Stansted, June 1983.JPG    32.4 KB
DVV 350T & Space Shuttle Enterprise, Stansted, June 1983.JPG

spikerj Avatar
spikerj Josh Spiker
Provo, UT, USA   USA
1973 MG MGB MkIII "Little Red"
Bought a 1973 MGB in 2014. Was and is my first and only car and 3 years later it's my daily driver in college

malski Avatar
malski Silver Member Peter Malkin
Bright, N.E.Victoria, Australia   AUS
MGTD early 1962.

Peter Malkin
NE Victoria
MGBGTV8 (1977)
MGB Roadster (1967) Supercharged - under restoration
MGTC (1949)

LesT21 Avatar
LesT21 Gold Member Everett Thompson
Costa Mesa, California, USA   USA
1952 MG TD
1965 MG MGB
1965, 1952 MGTD, still have it.

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