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Lotus Avatar
Lotus Roy Hodgson
Villeneuve, VD, Switzerland   CHE
1974 MG MGB "Butterscotch"
My door sill rubber and foot mats are looking a bit tired (after 43 years) but are still in good condition. Can anyone recommend a good (black) rubber paint that will freshen them up? As they get a lot of wear, it would need to be pretty hard wearing and, as I am in Switzerland, something that is universally available. I am not sure if they can ship rattle cans through the post so a brush on could be considered.


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ozieagle Avatar
ozieagle Gold Member Herb Adler
Geelong Victoria, Australia   AUS
1958 Wolseley 1500 "Wooly"
1966 MG MGB "Bl**dy B"
No experience, but what about gloss tyre black?


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BH Davis Avatar
Thompson, CT, USA   USA
1973 MG MGB
Have you given the vinyl/rubber conditioners a try? Companies like Maguiars and Armor all make lots of products for specific applications like this.

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dr914 George Hussey
Marietta, GA, USA   USA
We have scrubbed a lot of rubber pieces with Simple Green, with great results

kenfifer Avatar
kenfifer Silver Member Ken S
Cairns, Queensland, Australia   AUS
1961 Hillman Minx "Norman"
1975 MG MGB "Vera"
How about boot polish

dipstick Avatar
dipstick Kenny Snyder
La Center, WA, USA   USA
1941 Ford N-Series
1958 MG MGA 1500 Coupe "Rosie"
1970 MG MGB GT "Pat's GT"
1971 MG MGB "Gifted To Me"    & more
Black leather shoe/boot dye, not polish. Generally it comes in a plastic bottle with a sponge dispenser on top. Dries quickly a dull finish and does not rub off.

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dawvid Avatar
dawvid Silver Member David B
Sharon, MA, USA   USA
I've tried this on vinyl with excellent results:

boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits, 1 part oil to about 4 parts thinner. Takes about a day to dry. Don't use raw linseed oil.

The silicone based stuff never dries and is a dirt magnet.


74 Damask Red BGT

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Lotus Avatar
Lotus Roy Hodgson
Villeneuve, VD, Switzerland   CHE
1974 MG MGB "Butterscotch"
Thanks for all the suggestions. I like the idea of the shoe leather dye, easy and cheap to get but will I have to drive in my patent leather dancing shoes in case it rubs off? spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

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bev sleet Avatar
bev sleet Bev S
Raunds, Northamptonshire, UK   GBR
When I first suggested shoe dye people on this forum laughed , I see its catching on now and it don't rub off Roy, think about it, it don't rub off your shoes dous it,
I gave my vinyl roof a new coat a few days ago and now it looks new again for another six months, just to help it out I always go over the shoe dye with a coat of back to black silicon spray and I use the same procedure on the rubber bumpers as well smileys with beer

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Idasix Avatar
Idasix Silver Member David Smailes
Mount Vernon, WA, USA   USA
1975 MG MGB "Red Rider"
Back to Black works great and use rubber gloves.


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Marc2 Avatar
Marc2 Gold Member Mark Hoefle
Richardson, TX, USA   USA
1972 MG MGB "Green Machine"
I tried a few products, and came across Armour-all Outlast. Best stuff I've found. Have a Honda Element with the black plastic fenders. They were almost gray from years in the hot Texas sun. Outlast brought back the black like new, and so far has lasted three years without a re-coat. Just rub it in like hand lotion.

pinkyponk Avatar
pinkyponk Gold Member Adrian Page
Berwick, NS, Canada   CAN
I painted mine with Duplicolor vinyl paint. Flat black spray over OEM type red floor mats that I got from Moss Europe. They have a tiny bit of red showing through now after a few years use, but a quick squirt will make them look new.


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Ahmed Avatar
Ahmed Silver Member Ahmed EL Abasiry
Chestermere, AB, Canada   CAN
1958 MG MGA
1972 MG MGB
1979 MG MGB
I have tried 3M Marine Vinyl Conditioner and Restorer(09023), which works on rubber too. I used it to restore rubber grommets, door seals, etc and came out great every time.
3M products are usually available world-wide, considering you're in Switzerland.

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Fairfield, CA, USA   USA
I have used what its called "rubber bumper paint" from any auto parts store. And it works well enough for me.

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Bruce Cunha Avatar
placerville, CA, USA   USA
Rubber bumper paint works well. I use SEM. (unsure if this would be available in your part of the world) It has a primer that you spray on prior and then apply the paint. The primer is needed to prep the rubber so the paint adhears better. As for if it would work on rubber mats, I can;t see why not.

Bruce E. Cunha

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