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$1,000,000.00 MGB

Posted by kwinzee 
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kwinzee Avatar
Ron Weber
The Hammer, Ontario, Canada   can

billh1963 Avatar
Bill H
Beaufort, SC, USA   usa
Looks more like a $10,000.00 car to me... It's amazing what those misplaced decimal points will do devil smiley

79mgbv8 Avatar
Gil Price
Constable NY, USA   usa
1971 MG MGB GT
1976 MG MGB
1979 MG MGB V8 Conversion "Rumble Bee"
Heavy drug user --no doubt !!!

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kwinzee Avatar
Ron Weber
The Hammer, Ontario, Canada   can
Either that, or the wife says the car has to go, but hubby doesn't want to sell it.

Steve D. Avatar
Stephen Donnelly
Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA   usa
Ah, but the exchange rate brings it way down to 900,000 US dollars. If the boot lid didn't have a slight scratch imagine how much more he could get.

Steven 67GT Avatar
Steven Rechter
Jackson or Imperial Beach, California, USA   usa
A million here a million there pretty soon we'll be talking about real money.

Simon Austin Avatar
Surrey, BC, Canada   can

You're close enough; you should give him a call and ask about it....especially that price. smiling smiley

Regardless of the "price"; can't anyone write a decent ad anymore? The only comment is about a scratch and two photos?

Come on....eye rolling smiley

"Speed fast you want to spend?"

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stuntflyr Avatar
Chris McMillin
Catalina, Foothills, USA   usa
What about the right rear window, I'd want a 1/2 million discount for that!
I agree about the ad, a good story and 25 pictures was what I was expecting. Celine Dion made love to Gordon Lightfoot in it (they're both Canadian, right?), with pictures, or something at least as entertaining.

2putt Avatar
Darrell Levine
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada   can
1975 MG MGB "Red Rocket"
1978 MG MGB
Must be one of those special Canadian MGB'S

jramstad Avatar
Jeff Ramstad
North Vancouver, B.C., Canada   can
That's why Canadian dollars are oft referred to as Northern Pesos in the States, few people would even bend down to pick one up! grinning smiley

1974 MGB CB Tourer, OD, 18V+.040, County no smog head, rebuilt SU-HIF4's, Jeff's Advanced Distributors 25D w/points & Bosche blue coil, TR7 5-speed disc/AP plate/roller TO (thanks to Rob), Gerry's GEM Ent. column kit, Peter's WWAP front shocks, rebuilt kingpins, V8 bushes, Argentine rack, rebuilt diff., rebuilt rear lever shocks & arms, Spectra fuel tank & newer SU pump, 185/70 General Altimax RT-43's (thanks to Hap) on Rostyles, aftermarket stock exhaust & rad, et$etera...

billgknapp Avatar
Bill Knapp
Rochester, Michigan, USA   usa
1977 MG MGB "Nigel"
I hope it sells for that price. It'd do us all good.

Floydinit Avatar
Bob Rank
Waldorf, MD, USA   usa
1972 MG Midget MkIII "Silver Ghost"
1994 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 "Blue Beast"
1995 Chevrolet Corvette "Babs Toy"
He must have had a seizure when he pressed the zero! .....Bob

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chris7 Avatar
christopher harrison
peterborough, spalding, UK   gbr
If you look very closely you can see a glimpse of platinum through that scratch on the body shell

nickj Avatar
Nick Jenkins
Novato, Marin Co, CA, USA   usa
1972 MG MGB
You just have to find that one buyer.

Speedracer Avatar
Hap Waldrop
Greenville, SC, USA   usa
1967 MG MGB Racecar "The Biscuit"
In reply to # 2595410 by nickj You just have to find that one buyer.

Yeah, I want that guy for a customer smiling smiley

Hap Waldrop
Acme Speed Shop

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