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Balancing Wire Wheels in Sydney

Posted by Rich69 
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Rich69 Avatar
Richard RE
Sydney, NSW, Australia   aus
Can anyone recommend a reputable tyre shop in the Sydney metro area (Aus) that knows how to balance wire wheels?


sweep Avatar
Chris W
Gosford, NSW, Australia   aus
1966 MG MGB "Basil"
1990 Nissan Patrol "(Patrol) The Beast"
1992 Subaru Legacy "(Liberty)"
Go to the MWS site in the UK and find their info on wire wheel balancing. Take that to a few places and ask if they have the correct adapters to do it properly.
When you find one let me know. smiling smiley

Chris, and I love my overdrive!

MGB567 Avatar
Barrie Braxton
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia   aus
1966 MG MGB MkI "Money Guzzler"
Interesting. I just had my spline drives balanced at my local BJ when they fitted my new Bridgestone Adrenalins.

CKD 11/66 first registered 8/5/67. Owned since 3/77. 90% original sheet metal. 18GB +40 balanced with almost all new internals. Peter Burgess big valve fast road head. Piper 285. Fidanza FW. Basil's followers and pushrods. TR7clutch. TT exhaust. ARP everywhere. 123 ign. Needham 4synchro c/r box.. Stock rebuilt/replaced suspension. Superpro bushes. New brakes all round including all pipes in SS flex. Interior redone. CAMS approved roll bar and side bars. Lots more. Hybrid of o/e and show/fast road car. Not for sale - it's my toy!

MGB65B Avatar
Thomas Aczel
Sydney, Kurrajong Hts, Australia   aus
1962 MG MGA MkII
1965 MG MGB "Dad's Little White Car"
I "PM'ed" Richard a couple of hours ago, but he mustn't have noticed. (Common too; I currently have three PMs on my "Sent" list going back over a year that have never been read. Others too in the past, but I've deleted them).
Here's what I suggested in the PM:

Hi Richard. Depends where in Sydney you are.
Bruce Smith ("Sportsparts" ) at Normanhurst has set up a local tyre retailer/fitter to balance wire wheels.
Stuart Ratcliff at The MG Centre at Granville can I'm sure help you out.
I myself last had mine done at Nepean Classics in Coreen Ave Penrith.
I suspect there may be a couple of others around still, though I agree they are now few and far between.
If you're lucky enough to have a set of Dayton wire wheels, any tyre supplier can balance them. The more common "Dunlop" wire wheels need a special cone fitting on the balancing machine and I presume therein lies your problem.
I hope this helps.
Best of luck, Tom

rntanner Avatar
Roger N. Tanner
Oxnard, CA, USA   usa
1970 MG MGB
1977 MG MGB
All the way from California, USA:

In case you need more advice on balancing wire wheels:

Roger Tanner, Professional Engineer
Ventura, CA USA

Rich69 Avatar
Richard RE
Sydney, NSW, Australia   aus
Thanks everyone. I'll take your advice and call up these places.

I purchased a set of Dayton's 60 spoke stainless/chrome wire wheels which arrived from the USA after 4months of waiting. Anxious to get them on.


MGB65B Avatar
Thomas Aczel
Sydney, Kurrajong Hts, Australia   aus
1962 MG MGA MkII
1965 MG MGB "Dad's Little White Car"
Rich it would appear that most tyre shops can balance Dayton wire wheels, but not the Dunlop types.
Two of my local tyre shops have balanced my Daytons without difficulty, but my Dunlop chrome wire wheels on my MGA are snapping spokes quite often (five spokes in five years), and I need to get the tyres off (and then refitted and balanced) to replace the spokes. (While I've gotten pretty handy at removing, replacing and tensioning spokes, it's a skill I'd have been happy not to have to acquire).
To save driving to a place that can balance the Dunlops, my local shop (who has no issue balancing the Daytons) now marks the position of the valve and weights prior to removing the tyre, and then replaces them the same way. So far at least this shortcut has worked, but I'll get them properly balanced after another couple of spoke changes!

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