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Hoyle Engineering U.K Independent Rear Suspension

Posted by kazbielinski 
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kazbielinski Avatar
Kaz Bielinski
Huntington Beach, CA, USA   usa
Has anyone in the club done this? If so was it worth the effort. Frontline, a competitor with a 5 link solution, says this design has inherent flaws:

Peter-Sherman Avatar
Peter Sherman
Melbourne, Australia   aus
kerbau53 Avatar
Geoff Morton
Cape Coral, Florida, USA   usa
1978 MG MGB V8 Conversion "The Wreck"
I have heard that the axles on the Hoyle system may be a tad weak for higher HP applications. Everything else I've read about it over the years was positive though.

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Speedracer Avatar
Hap Waldrop
Greenville, SC, USA   usa
1967 MG MGB Racecar "The Biscuit"
I'm all for cool, even radical stuff, but I guess my question is what do what to want to achieve with this, and what improvements are seeking, and at price tag of $3k plus shipping to America, is this really worth the money, as for performance. I have to think most wanting this are seeking the, "hey look at what I have" reaction. I think modifications are, being one who have done lots of it to these cars, get somewhat off the realm of common sense at times, it gets to point where it starts to become somewhat goofy, I think this qualifies, but there is for sure a market for obsession, and goofiness with our cars smiling smiley I would say buy a Jag E type, and you will already have this.

If you want a tricker rear suspension set up than stock, I would say look at Bill Guzman's, 4 link set up, it's simple, easy to install, I done one, and it gives you easy ride height adjustment.

Hap Waldrop
Acme Speed Shop

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ingoldsb Avatar
Terry Ingoldsby
Calgary, Alberta, Canada   can
1971 MG MGB
Quote: I would say buy a Jag E type, and you will already have this

Or a Miata.

Terry Ingoldsby

ohlord Avatar
Rob C
North of Seattle, N.W., USA   usa
1971 MG MGB "Bedouin 2"
1971 MG MGB
We have at least one local club member with one behind a very nice 302 345hp SBF he loves it. IRS is completely different ball game
Than a fixed solid diff. Even 5 or 5 link. I think the hoyle is based on the sierra rear so all out drop the hammer starts with 345hp is going to lead a short life.
CCE kit with gm or ford rear you could put any power to it and bulletproof.

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Glenn Polly Avatar
New York, New York, USA   usa
I'm running the classic conversion 4 link instead of leaf springs - I would have bought the Hoyle IRS but I already had a quaife differential and I did a rear disc brake conversion. You can get the Hoyle IRS set up with disc brakes and the LSD diff

I'm very happy with the 4 link, I do have the Hoyle dual wishbone coil over conversion in the front - my MG handle amazingly.

I can tell that there as a U-Turn on 97th Street exit of the north bound Henry Hudson that takes you around a bend to the southbound side. It says 20 mph but i take it a 50 - 55 in third gear and power all the way through the apex, I can probably push it a little harder.

kazbielinski Avatar
Kaz Bielinski
Huntington Beach, CA, USA   usa
What's wrong with"Bragging Rights"? I got a V8 vantage that will do 170 m.p.h! Nay Na Na Na Na. Have I ever gone that fast? No. I want to brag, not kill myself.

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Brian McIlvenna
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland   irl
I'm looking into a Hoyle kit for the rear in my '67 BGT. I'm weighing up the cost and time requirements to source worthy Ford Sierra mechanics needed to complete the build.

As for the argument on authenticity, I feel any good IRS is only matching or exceeding the original intention of the MG designers in the early '60s, which was thwarted (as far as I understand) by the company accountants on the basis if manufacturing economics. So, on this basis I don't feel that an IRS modification is necessarily goofy, as described by an earlier poster.


Peter-Sherman Avatar
Peter Sherman
Melbourne, Australia   aus
I enquired about the Hoyle. It was going to cost just short of 10K to land it on my doorstep. And that was before the OZ dollar was dialled down. I can find many other things for 10 grand that will generate far more fun than IRS. For example, Sailboats are always good for pouring money into.

trewjohn2001 Avatar
John Trew
Calvia, Mallorca, Spain   esp
It seems expensive for what it is or rather isn't. Think the bigger Granada diff was only 7.5", add on top an LSD, decent shafts, brakes and overhauling the whole lot and it doesn't seem like a reasonably priced or even strong option?,44699

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