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Complete Engine Change

Posted by oldmod 
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Mick Wallington
Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand   nzl
1977 MG MGB "Bluebird"
Help, I need some advice.

Have decided to blue print another engine for my "77 MG. I could go through the whole execise of rebore, pistons and rings, head upgrade etc.
OR I could buy a 2000cc stage 2 Performance unit. OR a stage 2 head on a rebored 1.8 to 2000 with a new cam and carbs.

Does any know the best way to go about this convertion.


the omega man Avatar
phil wilkins
staffordshire, Stafford, UK   gbr
Biggest I've seen is 2100 cc from the MGOC

MGB567 Avatar
Barrie Braxton
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia   aus
1966 MG MGB MkI "Money Guzzler"
1979 MG MGB GT "Darkside"
Welcome Mick. If the following that I went through helps... for quite sometime I thought about importing a full motor as Omega alludes to from MGOC. In the end I kept mine and balanced it so not total blueprint. The deciding factors were that despite all my changes I really wanted to keep my original block. I don't know if you have the wherewithal to diy. I didn't so I had mine professionally done. I stripped it but a shop tanked it and bored it to match the pistons they had (I've only gone to +40) plus they did the crank and had it all balanced. I put it together with a head I imported from Peter Burgess (well Mechspec Dave). Doing it that way was about breakeven with importing a full motor (they are not readily available here) and I saved myself the hassle with Customs.

Convertible: CKD 11/66 first registered 8/5/67. Owned since 3/77. 90% original sheet metal. 18GB +40 balanced with almost all new internals. Peter Burgess big valve fast road head. Piper 285. Fidanza FW. Basil's followers and pushrods. TR7clutch. TT exhaust. ARP everywhere. 123 ign. Needham 4synchro c/r box.. Stock rebuilt/replaced suspension. Superpro bushes. New brakes all round including all pipes in SS flex. Interior redone. CAMS approved roll bar and side bars. Lots more. Hybrid of o/e and show/fast road car. Not for sale - it's my toy!

GT: UK car built/sold December '78. Stripped back to bare shell (with extensive bodywork to come). Powered by 'worked' TVR500 with efi. T5 box. FC IFS. CC rear attached to Ford FG ute axle. And a whole lot more to yet to come. Stealth is the word.

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MGST Avatar
Andrew Metford
10 miles past the end of the road, Western Australia, Australia   aus
Shipping a whole engine from England to NZ will not be cheap!!! And those engines aren't exactly cheap either. I think with what it would cost you to get an engine sent from England you could rebuild your one very nicely indeed. The MG Service Centre ( Christchurch I think ) should be able to sort you out.

Bear in mind that a 1950 engine is the stock stroke with a 0.135" overbore. The MGOC 2100cc is the 0.135" overbore plus a stroked crank to get the extra 150cc. I don't know what sort of driving you intend to do, but the B engine is hardly a bigger revver as it is, and increasing the stroke won't help it. Unless you intend to seriously race it, a 1950 with a fast road cam, clean up the head, balance everything, and the obvious re-jet of the carbs will keep most people happy for many years, even with the occasional track day.

1973 MG BGT - Harvest Gold / Black interior, negative camber front A arms, 3/4" front sway bar, Halogen headlights.

1974 MG BGT - Bracken / Autumn Leaf interior, 13 point roll cage, Lynn Rogers 1950cc engine, 12:1cr, Proturn forged pistons, Carrillo conrods, o-ringed block, steel crank, steel sprocket flywheel, Titan alloy roller rockers, Kent 719SP billet camshaft, Isky chrome moly tubular pushrods, Basil Adams' alloy side plate, Weber DCO SP 48 side draught carb, Crane electronic ignition, Davies Craig electric water pump and electric fan, 96 amp alternator, runs straight Avgas, "home-made" close ratio gearbox, banjo diff / 4:11 Quaife LSD, Nissan ventilated front discs, Austin Princess 4 piston calipers, 7/8" Wilwood brake m/c in stock pedal box, 550lb front springs, 3/4" front sway bar with 9/16" secondary sway bar, Fast-MG dropped spindles with Paul Walbran adjustable front suspension with Bilsteins, Paul Walbran rear Bilstein shock kit and 1" lowering blocks. See it here,11702

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