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White Walls Yes/No?

Posted by debrujr 
Arkansas, USA   usa

I haven't seen many Bs with white walls (maybe rightfully so confused smiley ). Do they look atrocious or just not a common styling preference? I had seen Will.I.Am.'s "corvette" a while back which has a custom set of wheels that mimic white walls and thought it may look decent on my B. I threw the below images together just to give me an idea of what it would look like and I honestly don't hate it. I apologize if I used one of your pics to try it out on grinning smiley . My car is still a long way out so I needed a good model...

The original car was green, I changed to B&W to mimic the black color.

I was bored....

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riley1489 Avatar
Bruce Hopgood
Great White North, -, Canada   can
1953 Jaguar XK120
1959 Riley 1.5 "King George"
1973 MG MGB

Nothing as dramatic as you show, my 1973 Canadian car came from the factory shod in Dunlop with white walls,

mowogman Avatar
Bryan Frazier
NC, USA   usa

Top image kind of has a clean retro-modern-performance look. I like it.
In the second photo the white walls dont fit the overall aggressive look of that car.

It comes down to the rest of your car, the wheels just need to fit the total package.
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JMoore Avatar
John Moore
Clifton Park, NY, USA   usa

If the car has modern styling like yours, then I don't like it so much. Your wheels are too modern. Now if the car has an early 60's look, I think they look great.

The white walls in my avatar are going on my bugeye, which has a very 50's look.

John Moore

'70 MGB, '68 MGBGT, '99 Land Rover Discovery II, '61 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite

Bugeye-with-Deanne.jpg (40.5 KB) –

JMoore Avatar
John Moore
Clifton Park, NY, USA   usa

This MGB has a more 60's look and the white walls look great.

John Moore

'70 MGB, '68 MGBGT, '99 Land Rover Discovery II, '61 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite
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Arkansas, USA   usa

Definitely see what you all are getting at. I guess when I had seen the wheels on his car (below) they blended the modern and classic look which made me wonder how well it could be done with a B. Maybe my interest shouldn't be in the white wall tires themselves but finding a similar wheel. I intend to "modernize" the look of mine but would still like to keep a lot of the classic cues. Who knows.. Unfortunately I have plenty of time to think about it.

ohlord Avatar
Rob C
North of Seattle, N.W., USA   usa
1971 MG MGB "Bedouin 2"

A 1962 Iris Blue. Sure. Anything else,nope.
personal preference.winking smiley

"You take off the roof and the top is the height of the nearest Star"
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1962 MGB Ad.jpg (47.2 KB) –
1962 MGB Ad.jpg

mowog1 Avatar
Rick Ingram
Saint Joseph, Illinois, USA   usa
1968 MG MGC "The Green C"
1969 MG MGC "Vicky"
1972 MG MGB "Mallard"
1974 MG MGB GT V8 Conversion "The V8"
1978 MG MGB "Maggie"

The w/w looks great on the Corvette....not so much on the MGB.

My opinion.

It's your car!

I agree with John Moore...w/w's look great on the early MGBs, especially with disc wheels.

My 1978 MGb also came from the factory with thin w/w Dunlops on RoStyles, similar to those pictured by Bruce Hopgood.

Curious...what do you have as a drivetrain?

I notice the drilled/slotted rotors front and rear.....unless they are a Photoshoppe for effect?

1968 MGC - 1969 MGC - 1972 MGB - 1974&1/2 MGB/GT V8 conversion - 1978 MGB

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Arkansas, USA   usa

Neither of those cars are mine. I just picked out a few pics from a Google search that had the car in the stance that I wanted and then overlaid the wheels from the pics of the corvette. That isn't me that disappears in the photo either. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out A few minutes of photo editing and voila an MGB with the vette wheels as well as rotors etc...
Paul Erslev
Annapolis, MD, USA   usa
1969 MG MGB "Betsy"

X2 Rick. When I ordered my B, I had an option for WW tires. Not for me. Your car.
tedjr Avatar
Ted R. Schneider Jr.
Akron, Ohio, USA   usa
1974 MG MGB "Ruby"
1974 MG MGB GT "The Orphan"

Your call JD,
Heritage Certificate states mine came off the assembly line with whitewall tyres. I personally, like the look, especially with the Damask Red exterior and non-standard black Rostyles

(click on images to enlarge/hosted offsite


1974 MGB "Ruby"
Ruby Photos
MGExperience Journal
fthemanj Avatar
Freddy Jones
Raleigh, NC, USA   usa
1961 MG MGA
1974 MG MGB

If you're making a statement of style (like the Corvette), then go for it. It's a cool look.

If you're trying to get back to original, then WWs look good on early 60's models, but not so great on later ones.
Benny Avatar
Ben E
San Diego, CA, USA   usa

My '66 had whitewalls originally....

image.jpg (30.5 KB) –

Jim K Avatar
James A. Krasnansky
Liberty, KY, USA   usa
1970 MG MGB GT "Chloe"
1971 MG MGB GT "Roscoe"
1972 MG MGB "Camilla"

I put studded tires on mine once. At first, I was embarassed about it, but they were worth it. Blackwalls, however.

Jim K is a grease-stained wretch
pinkyponk Avatar
Adrian Page
Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada   can

This one looks great.

Baby's new shoes 002.JPG (30.8 KB) –
Baby's new shoes 002.JPG

kawtoy Avatar
Shane Nudds
Henrietta, NY, USA   usa

You are not going to be able to find a set of wheels like that for a B. The bolt pattern and wheel size are non-existent in todays modern wheel market. You would have to have a set custom made which would be in the $5000 range.
ohlord Avatar
Rob C
North of Seattle, N.W., USA   usa
1971 MG MGB "Bedouin 2"

Those look like Dayton wires,you can get them from tons of vendors. Don't cost 5grand
and you can get them in MGB offsets in 14-15-and 16's
and they don't need tuning
$350 each take modern tubeless tires

"You take off the roof and the top is the height of the nearest Star"

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oldredsel Avatar
Rick Crosby
South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA   usa
1959 Edsel Villager "OLD Red EDSEL"
1969 MG MGB GT "Emma"
2003 Chevrolet S10 "The S10"
2011 Subaru Forester "Mom's Princess Mobile"
2013 Ford F-150 Pickup 4WD "The Behemoth"

The 1962 MGB of member fmotta14 shod with bias ply whitewalls.



MARICoastalMGTour2012 005 - Copy - Copy.JPG (45.5 KB) –
MARICoastalMGTour2012 005 - Copy - Copy.JPG

jon11 Avatar
Jon Rosenthall
Maple, Ontario, Canada   can
1970 MG MGB "Neville"
2007 BMW 525i "Fritz"

I love the look both ways

Chrome Wires CNE Aug 18 2007 2269.JPG (40.2 KB) –
Chrome Wires CNE Aug 18 2007 2269.JPG

Brantford Cruise july 2005 AUT_0581.JPG (53.4 KB) –
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Speedracer Avatar
Hap Waldrop
Greenville, SC, USA   usa
1967 MG MGB "The Biscuit"

I think on early car, WWs look great, but as for personal opinion, I would still probably have hard time doing WWs myself. Funny how all things come and go,and then come back in trends, who knows maybe we see a comeback for WW tires on modern cars. When Ii was younger at our family car business, where we dealt with fleet lease cars, it was the heyday of WW tires, and the fleet cars often times came with blackwall tire to save the fleets money, and haiving WWs on them make them sell better, but you didn't want to take perfectly good tires and discard them just because they were blackwall. We had a guy who came by or dealership and he did nothing but put WWs on black wall tire, heck we kept him so busy, we were his only client. He would jack up the car and had the machine that spun the tires, and cut a shallow groove in the side wall, then he used this special rubber paint to mke a balckwall thire a white wall. Also, anyone remember porta-a-walls , LOL smiling smiley

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what we think, if you like them, then there you go.

Hap Waldrop
Acme Speed Shop
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New alloy wheels options for MGBs, see vendors forum for details.,2657584
Be sure to check my engine rebuild kit thread in the Vendors forum for weekly tips.,1828263

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