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Peco Header ?

Posted by neely 
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neely Avatar
Gary Neely
Furlow, Furlow, Arkansas, USA   usa
What is the difference in a Peco Header and a Peco Big Bore Header. Also is there a paint that will stay on them. TIA for any input!

Ron Coons
vineland, Canada   can
Hi: Gary Just reading Brit-Tec catalogue and i think when it refures to Peco big bore header it just means the exhaust sytem below the the actual header, pipes, muffler, and so forth. I had purchased the Peco header for mine,#s on header C006, 459-045 .


Ron Coons
vineland, Canada   can
Gary it also comes when shipped with red paint on it and i believe you have to wait and burn this paint off before re-painting.


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Ron Coons
vineland, Canada   can
Gary it also comes in a stainless steel package


Mike B Avatar
Michael Baron
Edmonton, Canada   can
1958 Triumph TR3A
1964 Plymouth Sport Fury "'Furious George'"
1972 MG MGB GT "'Killa B'"
2001 Kia Sportage
The peco header (non-stainless) comes painted red, the paint burns off with about 20 to 30 minutes of normal driving, it smokes and stinks alot while doing this. there are a few spots where the paint dosn't compleatly burn off, so just take a wire bush to it while it's warm. The metal underneath isn't stainless and will show surface rust over time, so I recomend you paint it with a high heat header paint, the choice of colour is yours, I think red or white are the most popular colours, although mines silver.

jgbowman Avatar
Greg B
Greeneville Tn, USA   usa
1973 MG MGB
The only place any red paint is left on mine is the muffler.

'73 B Mallard Green
18GH with Brittek 270 cam, Balanced
Peco header and exhaust
Eurospec dizzy, Lucas Sport Coil
O/D Black label
Kumho Solus 195/60-14 on Miniators

Ryan Reis Avatar
Beatrice, NE, USA   usa
1968 MG MGB
Those systems cost enough that I think I'd go the extra mile and have it ceramic coated before installing it. Seems to make more sense than waiting for the paint to burn off and then taking the header off to clean up and paint. Ceramic coating looks great and really reduces the heat from the header. Stainless is nice too, but doesn't have any insulating qualities. Check out, I'm going to try using their product for a diy job on my stock manifold, but they do list applicators that could do it for you.


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Steve S Avatar
On The Road, Lost in So Cal, USA   usa
I've always been concerned that insulating the header will increase head temperatures by not allowing heat to escape. Someone did a test with insulating wrap on a header and found temperatures in the head increased dramatically. Not sure about ceramic coating though.

neely Avatar
Gary Neely
Furlow, Furlow, Arkansas, USA   usa
Just got my moss catalogue. The peco header went from 209.95 to 259.95. Can you believe that!!!

Ron Coons
vineland, Canada   can
Gary, Brit-tec shows $ 215.95 for selling Price.


NitroRustlerDriver Avatar
Andrew Bird
Bend, Oregon, USA   usa
1970 MG MGB GT "Giget"
I have the Peco exhaust from the bottom of header back. It's pretty old and all the original orange (I think it is more orange then red) paint is still on it. Granted, it is pretty faded and old looking, but it's not burnt off by any means.

Also, Duplicolor makes a spray paint that has ceramic in it made for painting engines and exhausts and stuff. I plan on painting mine with this. There is also a color that seems to match the original paint almost exactly (don't know the name).


Post Edited (02-20-05 10:11)

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Andrew Bird

Moggy59 Avatar
Paul Eggleston
Cross Lanes, WV, USA   usa

I guess Moss is going through the same troubles Chris is having. I
think everyone is raising prices due to the dollar value right now. I
guess times are hard, hell I saw two buzzards fighting over a fanbelt
in the road the other day.....LOL

1972 MGB 1976 MGB ‹(•¿•)›

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