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Headlight adjustment and specs

Posted by awest 
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awest Avatar
Adam West
Berkshires, MA, USA   usa
1979 MG MGB "Jackie"
Recently I brought the B in for an inspection; all went well, except for my headlights are not adjusted to proper height or angle (passed anyway). I know that the adjustment screws are behind the chrome ring around the headlight, but what are the proper specs for height and for their left to right angling direction. If you could include a measurement also as to how far I need to be away from the wall when I do the adjustment, that would be much appreciated.

As always thanks for any help.

Adam West

1979 MGB Vermillion Red

Two Bs Avatar
Kent McNeill
London, Ontario, Canada   can
1967 MG MGB GT
1980 MG MGB
This is from a MGExperience member

headlight aiming chart 1.JPG    24.7 KB
headlight aiming chart 1.JPG

sweep Avatar
Chris W
Gosford, NSW, Australia   aus
1966 MG MGB "Basil"
1990 Nissan Patrol "(Patrol) The Beast"
1992 Subaru Legacy "(Liberty)"
I asked this question a while ago and didn't get a definitive answer from the group - a few links to some generic auto electrical sites which suited me fine.

See here:,1196754,1196754#msg-1196754


awest Avatar
Adam West
Berkshires, MA, USA   usa
1979 MG MGB "Jackie"
Thank you Chris and Kent.

mac townsend Avatar
Fairfield, CA, USA   usa
Daniel Stern has a similar chart on his site as well.

1973 Pale Primrose Roadster. A nice 10-footer!
SUs, Datsun 5-speed
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ingoldsb Avatar
Terry Ingoldsby
Calgary, Alberta, Canada   can
1971 MG MGB
As mentioned by Mac - has the necessary aiming procedure. Note that it differs depending on whether you have DOT style lenses or E-Code beams. If you don't have E-code, do yourself a favour and get some. I like Cibie, but there are other options as well.

Terry Ingoldsby

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