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Discussions, photos, and reference on original factory condition and original period modifications for the MGB, MGB GT, MGA, MGC, MG T, and all MG models. 
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Originality Reference for Early MGBs   (Pages: 1 2)

4,330 32 Last Post by Etype728
2 days ago

New Parts That Aren't Quite The Same   (Pages: 1 2 3)

4,070 54 Last Post by bobmunch
yesterday, 01:03PM

Original MG Forum Guidelines - Please Read First Attachments

810 1 Last Post by Skye Webmaster
11/26/2012 11:00PM

Original MGB Modifications: It Was Done Back Then Attachments   (Pages: 1 ... 37 38 39)

42,136 773 Last Post by mgbbrown
2 days ago

Does authenticity matter?   (Pages: 1 2 3 4 5)

5,066 98 Last Post by Diablo666
03/05/2014 06:12AM

What are the most difficult to find original parts for an MG?   (Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6)

7,627 107 Last Post by Triumphant66 Silver Member
02/19/2014 11:05AM

Concours Standards?   (Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6)

4,153 105 Last Post by mgbbrown
03/17/2014 07:30PM
Topic Read

Plate of Orginal Owner Found under Dash Attachments

114 9 Last Post by joaniebo
7 hours ago
Topic Read

Generator not charging

27 2 Last Post by mgbanthony
3 days ago
Topic Read

fuel tank swap?

45 2 Last Post by mgbanthony
3 days ago
Topic Read

MGB ... 76 miles from new.

120 7 Last Post by rocannon Platinum Member
5 days ago
Topic Read

Replacement period MG / Component decals

160 5 Last Post by dtownsend Gold Member
10 days ago
Topic Read

Question about U and L codes in the VIN

91 6 Last Post by Connery Silver Member
5 days ago
Topic Read

Lucas Electrical Equipment Booklet No. 1369G Attachments

78 1 Last Post by joaniebo
04/01/2014 03:17PM
Topic Read

Original Girling Tools & Brake Grease Attachments

64 3 Last Post by joaniebo
03/31/2014 10:43PM
Topic Read

Help with Bugeye ancillary parts that should be body color before I paint?

71 3 Last Post by TJS
04/01/2014 01:47PM
Topic Read

I <3 NOS parts. Attachments

167 8 Last Post by Neallew
03/30/2014 07:12PM
Topic Read

Recognize This Steering Wheel Hallmark? Attachments

113 4 Last Post by MGB-MK1-05-1964
03/26/2014 12:07PM
Topic Read

David Townsend: Restoration, Customer Service, and an Eye for Detail Attachments

141 4 Last Post by dtownsend Gold Member
03/25/2014 05:33AM
Topic Read

Would like input on what course I should take with my early 67 BGT Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

486 24 Last Post by Be Coming Gold Member
03/21/2014 06:39PM
Topic Read

'74.5 Engine Photos Attachments

149 2 Last Post by mgbbrown
03/07/2014 03:51PM
Topic Read

Late MK I; Early MK II MGB Original Grill Details Attachments

518 18 Last Post by mgbbrown
02/24/2014 08:46PM
Topic Read

Authentic Mk.I Carpet Attachments

353 5 Last Post by donbarr
03/04/2014 09:14AM
Topic Read

Early B: Rr Cockpit Rail Piping Colour   (Pages: 1 2)

408 22 Last Post by Bill Taylor
04/01/2014 09:33AM
Topic Read

Mk1 Dipstick

201 6 Last Post by MGB65B Gold Member
01/24/2014 11:52PM
Topic Read

Accelerator Cable Outer Sheath

216 7 Last Post by mgb4gary Gold Member
02/06/2014 11:25AM
Topic Read

Austin engine in my 1967 MGB? Attachments

219 4 Last Post by Paul L Gold Member
01/22/2014 07:06PM
Topic Read

'67 BGT MK 1-- what's on the bottom of the rear seat ??

289 9 Last Post by bigtimemark
01/23/2014 11:16AM
Topic Read

Door waist cappings on early push buton 65 B Attachments

263 4 Last Post by Ken Plumstead
02/10/2014 02:04AM
Topic Read

trim Colour or Black?

216 5 Last Post by balist
02/07/2014 10:40AM
Topic Read

MGB V8 Custom Decals and AC Booklet Attachments

188 3 Last Post by dtownsend Gold Member
03/03/2014 05:05PM
Topic Read

A history of MG

239 3 Last Post by bullydog Gold Member
01/25/2014 09:05PM
Topic Read

Looking for validation - Earliest of front Bumper Brackets Attachments

262 8 Last Post by AzMarc
12/30/2013 09:17PM
Topic Read

MGB Early MKII HS4 Overflow Pipes Attachments

513 20 Last Post by mgbbrown
01/04/2014 10:45PM
Topic Read

Original MGB Vented Gas Cap Attachments

413 17 Last Post by mgbbrown
01/30/2014 11:27AM
Topic Read

Mg emblem

217 2 Last Post by 1843lamp
01/03/2014 11:59AM
Topic Read

Diff. Strap

354 12 Last Post by 1843lamp
10 days ago
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Topic Read

Accuracy of the MG "Bible" by Clausager Attachments

435 15 Last Post by PLGardner
12/19/2013 12:54PM
Topic Read

Overspray? Is it original or not? Attachments

329 5 Last Post by mgbbrown
01/02/2014 11:37AM
Topic Read

MGB Schedule of Repair Times (BMC - circa 1962)

203 7 Last Post by AzMarc
12/10/2013 10:50PM
Topic Read

SU Booklets Attachments

208 1 Last Post by joaniebo
12/09/2013 10:22AM
Topic Read

Factory "O" series Turbo MGBGT

215 3 Last Post by mgbgtman
11/27/2013 08:21AM
Topic Read

Barn Finds Attachments

644 5 Last Post by dohc281
01/21/2014 03:41PM
Topic Read

O series MGB

433 11 Last Post by Rob-USLE
12/10/2013 04:02AM
Topic Read

ID plates

196 2 Last Post by mgbbrown
11/23/2013 05:00PM
Topic Read

Switch Bezels: Chrome or Black

166 3 Last Post by cdaubs Gold Member
11/14/2013 06:18PM
Topic Read

wondering if this is actually NOS or a repro

373 5 Last Post by nathanbarlow
11/12/2013 01:16AM
Topic Read

MG TD carburetors--material and return spring Attachments

320 2 Last Post by Don MGA 1600
12/24/2013 11:57AM
Topic Read

Iris Blue Artifacts found at Sportscar Warehouse Attachments

590 8 Last Post by Connery Silver Member
12/17/2013 09:40AM
Topic Read

'67 bonnet prop rod location & length

168 2 Last Post by lgorg
11/15/2013 11:39PM
Topic Read

Keep the MGA or the Classic Ford Convertible? Attachments

221 6 Last Post by stagepony
11/03/2013 07:51PM
Topic Read

How many kinds of early MGB wavy line grille badge were there

408 13 Last Post by John Prewer
10/23/2013 01:38AM
Topic Read

OLD MG Videos

268 1 Last Post by joaniebo
10/17/2013 10:50AM
Topic Read

What color primer was originally used on MGB's? Attachments

335 5 Last Post by MGB65B Gold Member
10/14/2013 07:16PM
Topic Read

MGB Metal Dash template needed

322 9 Last Post by Connery Silver Member
10/13/2013 09:13PM
Topic Read

Lettering on rocker switches

285 4 Last Post by mgbbrown
10/11/2013 05:04PM
Topic Read

Oily Rag

282 3 Last Post by mgbbrown
10/09/2013 09:35PM
Topic Read

Question about early 67 MK I BGT

363 8 Last Post by zebramg Gold Member
11/03/2013 09:51PM
Topic Read

Picnic Basket (seriously)

535 11 Last Post by cieuci Silver Member
03/06/2014 12:56PM
Topic Read

Coats of Paint

245 3 Last Post by MrPie68
09/29/2013 06:10PM
Topic Read

1975-1980 MGB Owners Attachments

634 16 Last Post by 1977 MGB Supercharged
12/02/2013 11:40PM
Topic Read

Vehicle emisson control information Zenith Attachments

175 1 Last Post by opelnut
09/23/2013 08:37AM
Topic Read

MSO Attachments

321 8 Last Post by joemamma Gold Member
11/15/2013 06:02AM
Topic Read

Motorola 114 radio

218 1 Last Post by Kevin-A1 Silver Member
09/19/2013 01:14PM
Topic Read

Rubber Sill Covers -- As Original on Early Bs

346 5 Last Post by miatadon Silver Member
09/16/2013 12:34AM
Topic Read

MGB V8 COSTELLO IN THE U.S.A.? Attachments

486 11 Last Post by zebramg Gold Member
10/01/2013 02:45PM
Topic Read

A series gasket

152 3 Last Post by 1843lamp
10/11/2013 05:43PM
Topic Read

Inner Wing Baffle Plates

272 3 Last Post by Benny Silver Member
08/30/2013 04:41PM
Topic Read

Blue carpet 73 GT

308 6 Last Post by miatadon Silver Member
10/08/2013 12:47AM
Topic Read

'67 Battery cover & Steering column - gloss or semi?

245 6 Last Post by balist
08/21/2013 06:29PM
Topic Read

Smiths Oil and Temperature Gauges Attachments

293 1 Last Post by joaniebo
08/09/2013 03:46PM
Topic Read

Smiths Car Clocks Attachments

551 5 Last Post by Diablo666
yesterday, 03:15AM
Topic Read

Smiths Fuel, Temperature and Battery Condition Indicators Attachments

186 3 Last Post by joaniebo
08/15/2013 10:38AM
Topic Read

Smiths Bimetal Resistance Instrumentation and Fault Analysis Attachments

359 1 Last Post by joaniebo
08/09/2013 03:22PM
Topic Read

Smiths Fuel Gauges and Tank Units Attachments

275 1 Last Post by joaniebo
08/09/2013 03:16PM
Topic Read

Smiths Visual Identification of Electrical Car Instruments Attachments

161 1 Last Post by joaniebo
08/09/2013 03:14PM
Topic Read

Smiths Impulse Tachometers Attachments

331 1 Last Post by joaniebo
08/09/2013 03:13PM

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