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The Dark Side: V8, V6 & 4 Cylinder Engine Conversions and related radical modifications (brakes, transmission, suspension, drivetrain) for MGB, MGA, Midget and all other MG models. Purists beware! 
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MGB V6 & V8 Conversion FAQ   (Pages: 1 ... 7 8 9)

55,579 164 Last Post by rsdgeorge
03/14/2014 12:25PM

Videos Thread - YouTube, etc   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

11,608 63 Last Post by v8bloke
08/30/2013 02:26PM
Topic Read

steering u-joint part #

52 3 Last Post by Rich1777
1 hour ago
Topic Read


52 4 Last Post by cstrong45 Silver Member
56 minutes ago
Topic Read

Front ARB mount spacer plates?

85 1 Last Post by Welshie
16 hours ago
Topic Read

Buick 215 V8 Muffler & Exhaust Advice Needed

162 9 Last Post by Peter-Sherman
yesterday, 12:10AM
Topic Read

HTOB lines Attachments

126 4 Last Post by BMC Gold Member
2 days ago
Topic Read

Brake Pedal Pushrod Lengthening Query Attachments

182 10 Last Post by Mustangsix
13 hours ago
Topic Read

Oil Pressure Gauge AN Adapter

95 2 Last Post by ValveCoverGasket
2 days ago
Topic Read

Oil pump pick up Attachments

98 5 Last Post by 1744 Gold Member
2 days ago
Topic Read

My blockhuggers won't fit!

336 12 Last Post by Peter-Sherman
2 days ago
Topic Read

Alternator bracket plans for 3.4L V6 conversion

165 5 Last Post by BMC Gold Member
3 days ago
Topic Read

It followed me home! Can I Keep It? Attachments

278 4 Last Post by DocsMG
3 days ago
Topic Read

First Drive!

334 11 Last Post by 260mgb
39 minutes ago
Topic Read

Distance between frame rails?

188 4 Last Post by Benny Silver Member
5 days ago
Topic Read

Sneak circuit Attachments

169 3 Last Post by BobG Silver Member
9 hours ago
Topic Read

Help sensor needed Attachments

129 4 Last Post by Geodander Silver Member
5 days ago
Topic Read

5.0l Rovetec. TR6 wheels. Rings or no rings? Your opinion please. Attachments

285 20 Last Post by Mustangsix
yesterday, 08:54AM
Topic Read

V6 Swap - Update #1 Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

711 37 Last Post by cstrong45 Silver Member
5 days ago
Topic Read

Rover 4.6Lt V8 Flywheel

129 5 Last Post by ztony Gold Member
7 days ago
Topic Read

Rover V8 flywheel question

105 3 Last Post by mgv8glen
7 days ago
Topic Read

Filler Neck for Aluminum EFI Gas Tank

215 9 Last Post by BMC Gold Member
23 hours ago
Topic Read

Calling All Supercharger Experts

335 17 Last Post by Jim Blackwood
5 days ago
Topic Read

Takes a V8

310 16 Last Post by Edd Weninger
7 days ago
Topic Read


706 22 Last Post by Ronnie Budd
2 days ago
Topic Read

Avoid this shop in ADRIAN, MICHIGAN   (Pages: 1 2)

1,357 24 Last Post by Mustangsix
2 days ago
Topic Read

Buick 215 V8/T5 swap: Shifter Advice Please

171 4 Last Post by mowog1 Gold Member
6 days ago
Topic Read

Firing up the V8 Attachments

299 13 Last Post by racer76 Silver Member
7 days ago
Topic Read

First start up procedure advice wanted

101 3 Last Post by BMC Gold Member
9 days ago
Topic Read

How fast will an MGB go?   (Pages: 1 2 3)

1,211 58 Last Post by stuntflyr
2 days ago
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Help! No oil pressure!   (Pages: 1 2)

581 39 Last Post by cgill
yesterday, 04:25PM
Topic Read

Transdapt Filter Relocation Attachments

192 4 Last Post by vrsken
6 days ago
Topic Read

Jamaican Swap Candidate

424 16 Last Post by cstrong45 Silver Member
2 days ago
Topic Read


281 17 Last Post by cstrong45 Silver Member
10 days ago
Topic Read

Wrapped block huggers, still need a starter shield?

232 7 Last Post by Welshie
10 days ago
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Topic Read

5.0l Rovertec GT. Parabolics fitted, car is transformed. 911 beater Attachments

443 8 Last Post by politeperson
12 days ago
Topic Read

1980 B with Ford 5.0 &T5 Swap Moving Forward: Body Mods

263 10 Last Post by 302V8 Platinum Member
13 days ago
Topic Read

Vaccum leak somewhere

142 7 Last Post by ohlord
13 days ago
Topic Read

Oil Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

462 28 Last Post by 1744 Gold Member
13 days ago
Topic Read


134 3 Last Post by BMC Gold Member
04/08/2014 11:37PM
Topic Read

Fitting a GM FWD V6

521 19 Last Post by caffeine
3 days ago
Topic Read

Most Reasonable Swap?

609 17 Last Post by lawnvett Silver Member
10 days ago
Topic Read

Picked up the new long block Attachments

191 2 Last Post by ohlord
04/07/2014 11:32AM
Topic Read

Back on the road Attachments

210 8 Last Post by mrcorrao
04/07/2014 07:37PM
Topic Read

Is my oil pressure reading normal or even acceptable

359 12 Last Post by 260mgb
4 days ago
Topic Read

Dipstick question on V6 Attachments

161 6 Last Post by Geodander Silver Member
04/07/2014 04:23AM
Topic Read

Coming along, completed one of the worst jobs ever ! Attachments

585 16 Last Post by ohlord
04/08/2014 04:22PM
Topic Read

SHE'S IN!!! eye popping smileysmiling bouncing smiley Attachments

486 13 Last Post by kwinzee Platinum Member
04/06/2014 10:51AM
Topic Read


290 5 Last Post by vem Gold Member
04/06/2014 08:55AM
Topic Read

New DODGE Sportscar Attachments

540 15 Last Post by kstevusa
13 days ago
Topic Read

Down to the check list.

321 15 Last Post by tsimpson
7 days ago
Topic Read

No Runs, No Drips & No Errors Attachments

235 7 Last Post by flipsmg
04/04/2014 09:53PM
Topic Read

3.4L v6 , shortened edelbrock intake

186 2 Last Post by hanker Silver Member
04/04/2014 01:04PM
Topic Read

A tip for those rewiring their cars   (Pages: 1 2)

685 26 Last Post by scott68B
04/08/2014 08:41PM
Topic Read

V6 oil pressure sending unit vs motor mounts

184 6 Last Post by RussW. Gold Member
04/06/2014 06:35PM
Topic Read

I thought you guys might want to see my project Attachments

796 18 Last Post by Bealey Silver Member
04/07/2014 12:18AM
Topic Read

4 Cylinder Streetable Power

593 15 Last Post by bills
04/05/2014 10:10AM
Topic Read

Rover V8 Auto trans. on E-bay (NFI)

151 4 Last Post by Devon R
04/04/2014 08:27PM
Topic Read

Electric impact wrenches good enough?

262 11 Last Post by ValveCoverGasket
04/04/2014 11:54PM
Topic Read

back on the road again Attachments

197 5 Last Post by flipsmg
04/01/2014 02:57PM
Topic Read

The new gauges have arrived! Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

615 24 Last Post by justinother
4 days ago
Topic Read

Thermostat and Rad Cap

143 8 Last Post by B-racer
04/03/2014 07:36AM
Topic Read

First MOT test tomorrow. Every nut and bolt by my own fair hand. Wish me luck. Attachments

322 14 Last Post by NOHOME
04/02/2014 05:59AM
Topic Read

Anti Lock Brakes, OR, Another Brake Question

166 10 Last Post by Ronnie Budd
04/01/2014 11:13AM
Topic Read

speedometer trouble

156 3 Last Post by GMDad Gold Member
04/05/2014 11:00PM
Topic Read

More Brake Questions

190 6 Last Post by Mingo Gold Member
03/30/2014 09:43PM
Topic Read

Paint for gas-submerged items

239 6 Last Post by 11budlite
03/28/2014 01:27PM
Topic Read

Midget with Mazda rotary   (Pages: 1 2)

535 21 Last Post by pacman
04/02/2014 05:31AM
Topic Read

And so it begins.... Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

716 26 Last Post by ValveCoverGasket
04/04/2014 11:56PM
Topic Read

Quick question on t5 slip yokes

173 3 Last Post by kerbau53 Gold Member
03/26/2014 09:42PM
Topic Read

MG Magnette ZB Varitone V6

341 10 Last Post by BMC Gold Member
04/04/2014 05:29PM
Topic Read

426 hemi   (Pages: 1 2)

810 31 Last Post by V8MGBV8
03/28/2014 10:02AM

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