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Owner of '67 MGB in bits. *Update* Many more bits now and more to come! *Update2* Lots more bits and now on Rotisserie. *Update3* Started the way back has revamped front and rear suspension and is back on the ground. *Update* Pretty sure now car is a '66. *Update4* Did complete motor rebuild and it's in and running. Now working on the interior and the body. *Update5* Now road registered and able to be driven - still lots of cosmetic issues, however.

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1966 MG MGB Hermitage Burgundy Chris W

1966 MG MGB
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2015 Audi A3

3 Vehicles — Total mileage: 47,000 mi (75,639 km) — Average age: 1998
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Tidying Up The Handbrake And A Clearance Issue.

Posted on: Saturday December 30, 2017

I finished off the handbrake this arvo and took it for a drive. Handbrake's OK. You really have to reef on it to hold the car. Might have another look at that down the track. It does, however, slow the car when driving along and that, I suppose is the important thing. Now, on to another problem. I noticed this on a previous test drive and that was a nasty clonk going around a left bend and hitting a bump at the same time. I didmissed it previously as just hitting the bump stops but today it was...

New Ebrake Cable - Same Issue

Posted on: Saturday December 23, 2017

I'm starting to think there's something screwy about my car. I stuffed up the original cable by cutting too much off it. The suggestion that over the years the cable had stretched. New cable should solve that issue. Well it appears not! The cables mechanism is a little convoluted. The main cable from the lever goes directly to the left rear wheel. On it's way there it leaves the outer sheath going through a floating pivot bar. At this bar the sheath pushes back against the cable movement i...

Done The Fronts!

Posted on: Tuesday December 19, 2017

These probably should have been replaced back in 2005. New pads as well. Had some difficulty getting the pistons to retract.

Abortive Cable Mod And A Plan To Improve The Ebrake Release.

Posted on: Sunday December 17, 2017

There's an active discussion on DIY rear Discs for MGB here: Now an additional spring to encourage Ebrake pad release appears to present itself here on this pic. If you look at this p...

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