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I was born and raised in England where I trained as mechanic so the older british cars are right up my alley. Although I have not worked in the Car trade for over 30 years as I progress it is all starting to come back to me. I have always liked the MG's and it is great to finally own one. I am enjoying the challenges of restoring the vehicle back to almost original condition, I am looking to have a good driving MG and if that means compromise on originality then that is fine. I have now moved to Vancouver Island and am really looking forward to year yound driving and the ability to work on the vehicle over the winter without freezing my lug nuts off.

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1973 MG MGB RED Paul Mansell

1973 MG MGB

1 Vehicles -- Total mileage: 103,375 mi (166,366 km) -- Average age: 1973

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V6 SWap 38

Posted on: Saturday July 19, 2014

Nanaimo 20140716 00272

I finished up the two top baffles, one covering the air cleaner and the second at the top front of the radiator, just need to install the lower baffle that will keep the air going through the spoiler directed at the radiator. Also got the radiator back from the radiator shop, I had them change out the bottom 1.75” connection to a 1.5” connector to make it easier to find and hook up the bottom hose. In fact I think I have a great solution that will look clean and tidy once complete. Here i...

V6 Swap 37

Posted on: Monday July 7, 2014

blnaks in

For the last few days I continue on the wiring sort out and I am almost there, in fact I have even started to cover the wires and clip them in as needed. Really down to just the connections into the car, connect to the fuse box and gauges etc. I also decided that as I needed to cut into the center consul for the 2 new gauges I realized that the holes would not work to take in the already cut switch and light holes, and it would look a mess. I cut up some thin stock Luann and after a basic stain...

V6 Swap 36

Posted on: Tuesday July 1, 2014

gear stick installed

After feeling a bit dejected over my lack of progress and not being able to figure out the rest of the wires I decided to lay off that and turn my attention to the gearstick, as I needed to reassemble the stick to the captive plate and bolt back into the gearbox. I first installed the new prop shaft to seal the end of the box and then made sure to fill the gearbox with the required oil, much easier to do from the top before bolting the gearstick back on. It fits beautifully, nice and central wit...

V6 Swap 35

Posted on: Sunday June 29, 2014

all welded up

Today I decided to look at the shifter; my original plan of flattening one side and bolting on an adjusted shifter just was not going to work, now that the engine and gearbox are in the car the shifter is sloped too far to the rear and will not allow me to properly engage the gears. So I had to rethink the plan. First thing to do was to strip the gear stick out of its captive plate as any welding would have melted the nylon bushings. So I then cut the top part of the stub off leaving a short n...

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