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I was born and raised in England where I trained as mechanic so the older british cars are right up my alley. Although I have not worked in the Car trade for over 30 years as I progress it is all starting to come back to me. I have always liked the MG's and it is great to finally own one. I am enjoying the challenges of restoring the vehicle back to almost original condition, I am looking to have a good driving MG and if that means compromise on originality then that is fine. I have now moved to Vancouver Island and am really looking forward to year yound driving and the ability to work on the vehicle over the winter without freezing my lug nuts off.

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1973 MG MGB RED Paul Mansell

1973 MG MGB

1 Vehicles -- Total mileage: 103,375 mi (166,366 km) -- Average age: 1973

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V6 Swap 26

Posted on: Sunday April 20, 2014

front lines in

I had 4 days off so I decided to try and get ahead on the project, doesn’t seem like I got very far but in reality I did make progress. I really wanted to get the engine swapped over but I did not fully manage that as I could not get the new oil pump pick up into the new oil pump so that stopped me from actually lifting the new engine and getting the sump on. But in the meantime the sump got thoroughly cleaned up, I got the original dip stick tube out by finding a bolt that fit into the tube a...

V6 Swap 25

Posted on: Saturday April 19, 2014

all wrapped up

The new long block arrived and I managed to pick it up with the Escape, the parts store used a fork lift to get it into the car and with judicious placement of a tow rope I lifted it out with the engine hoist ready to start on the swap over of the ancillaries.

V6 Swap 24

Posted on: Saturday March 29, 2014

Patch in and painted

Did not do much today however I got the firewall patch rubbed down and fully painted both inside and out, also I installed my previously patterned and bent metal for the cut back cross member at the front of the car. Decided as this is really not that structural I drilled holes and used large pop rivets to lock it in place. Then I started to install the fuel lines with a rough positioning, will need to spend some time under the car to properly lock the fuel lines, battery cable and loom into th...

V6 Swap 23

Posted on: Sunday March 23, 2014


With the help of my friend Jim who brought over his welder we spent the morning and welded in the new gas mount, first welded a captive nut for the gas pedal stop to screw in and then puddle welded in the mount permanently. Next up we turned our attention to the patch for the firewall, firstly we trimmed off a little more from the patch to get a really nice tight fit and then I started to tack in the patch gradually working around the patch grinding and hammering where needed to make a good fit...

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