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1980 MG MGB Blaze Orange Heather H

1980 MG MGB

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New Pockets

Posted on: Friday March 2, 2012

O goodness ugly

I wanted some pockets to put stuff. I hate stuff laying around in a car. Drives me crazy. And being as the top will rarely be up, I figured the old school deep pockets would be best. I found a fella on the site that was willing to send me two of them. Boy howdy they were rough! I stripped them down to just the cardboard or whatever material it is and started cleaning. I sprayed the pockets a couple of times with spray paint, and thought about what I wanted to put on them. I am typically ...

Spray Booth Ghetto Style

Posted on: Monday February 27, 2012

My spray booth

Well, I don't really have a garage, but rather a large greenhouse which is also a duck shack and also a home to my kegarator and tv. Its a catch all. I love it. Its my man cave I share with my neighbor. Being as the beer is in the cave, I figured what better place to work on my car projects. I have several large tables and a majority of my tools are here. The rest are located in my neighbor Jimmy's garage. The set up worked fine when I was just spraying the header, but since the frame is...

Finished Header

Posted on: Monday February 27, 2012

Here it is with one latch attached

Well I think I finished the header... but of course I then broke off a bolt. GRRR and I do not own a extractor set. So I will run into town later and pick up a set and attempt to remove the broken bolt. I think it turned out pretty nice. It will be nice to see how it looks on the car. I am pleased with it. I sanded the latches a bit and they cleaned up nicely - I am not sure how long they will stay nice, but I know its easy to remove them now.

Ugly Soft Top Frame

Posted on: Saturday February 25, 2012

Here is the header before I started Lots of tape

Well, I decided that I probably could tackle the rusty bits on the frame. AND its raining in Portland for like the next 2 weeks straight. So why not! It took me a spell to figure out how to take the frame off the car. DUH. I need to replace those bolts too. I have a big bag of bolts to replace. I think it will look a lot better with new hardware. Biggest hurdle this afternoon was clearing enough space in the greenhouse aka as the shop, or duck club. So I swapped some stuff around and cleared...

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