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Jedster1 Jed Jedrey

Just your average gear-head. One of the good guys. Certified nuke fitter/welder, plumber, electrician, machinist, metal fabricator, carpenter and union piledriver (Local 56, Boston). I can fix anything but a broken heart!

Right after high school I joined the Coast Guard, went to AMS and AMH school in Millington, TN, and from there to working on and flying HU-16Es and HH-52As out of Opa-Locka at CGAS Miami. Made E5 in three years. Twice!

As far as the transportation world goes I've been a mechanic, a restorer, a painter, built boats and airplanes, built dragsters and funny cars for a while for a well-known shop in New Hampshire, and fabbed custom Harleys for another well-known shop in the Brockton area.

Right now I'm bashing shit into the ground with great big hammers hanging from great big cranes. And welding, always the welding. I can't get away from it!

Grew up in NH, but I'm a Masshole at heart!!

Personal Vehicle Registry

1967 MG MGB GT V8 Conversion BRG Jed Jedrey

1967 MG MGB GT V8 Conversion
"Yard Art"
1972 MG MGB Green Mallard Jed Jedrey

1972 MG MGB
"Roller Skate"
1991 Harley Davidson Touring Blue Blue Jed Jedrey

1991 Harley-Davidson Touring
"Station Wagon"
2001 Ford F 350 Black Jed Jedrey

2001 Ford F-350
"Wicked Black"
2010 Ford Taurus Silver Jed Jedrey

2010 Ford Taurus
"Silver Bullet"

5 Vehicles — Total mileage: 493,900 mi (794,855 km) — Average age: 1988

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