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1970 MG MGB

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Beginning To Weld On The Trumpet

Posted on: Thursday October 19, 2017

IMG 1868

Now that I had everything fitted, plug weld holes drilled, and internally epoxy primed, I finally got to begin welding on the drivers side trumpet Sunday. The prep work was worth it, the repair trumpet fit very nice. I used sheet metal screws in several places to get a nice tight overlap fit. I cleaned the primer from the immediate weld area with a carbide burr and a 36 grit roloc. Looks like this weekend is going to be highs in the low 70's so Im going to take Friday off again for a nice 3-...

Repairing Bulkhead Plug Area

Posted on: Tuesday October 17, 2017

Inside patch welded in

This consisted of 2 patches: 1 flat patch in the cockpit, and a curved patch for in the engine bay. Definitely a strange place to rust out, the rodent nests did a real number on it. I had epoxied the inside of the patches a couple weeks ago when I did the pedal box shelf panel I made. Welding in the patch on the engine bay side was a real chore, a lot of it was upside down welding and there's no room to get your head in there to see well. Luckily I'm a small enough guy that I can fit right d...

Primer On Patch Panels, Front Inner Wing Repair

Posted on: Tuesday October 17, 2017

IMG 1863

There was a small rust hole behind where the horn mounts on the drivers side, this was a place where I had attempted a previous repair by just welding on an overlapping patch. I cut this off, cut out the bad steel and made a patch that fits and butt welded / plug welded it to the flange on the oil cooler shelf. I sprayed 2 coats of primer on the non-exposed areas of my bulkhead patch, the 2 bulkhead closing panels, and the 2 trumpet sections. The epoxy looks so nice when its done, its a shame...

Closing Panel Mods, Bulkhead Patch, Seam Sealer

Posted on: Tuesday October 17, 2017

IMG 1858

I had to slice and weld my drivers side closing panel in a couple places due to some of the overlap patches I used for the pedal box mounting floor, this just made it fit in place nicely. I had made this bulkhead patch a long time ago before I decided to cut out and replace the whole pedal box floor on the passenger side. It took a lot of careful trimming to fit it for butt welding but it looks good. I drilled holes in the flange and will plug weld it to the pedal box floor. I seam sealed bac...

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