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IMG 1725
I was informed by my bodyman uncle that I may need helper springs when I'm done. Starting to believe it. By the end of my long weekend I had quite enough of this process, but after a day or two at my job I was ready to get back out to the garage. There's no way these cars were halfway straight from the factory. The way that my passenger front wing was assembled you can tell that they just beat it in until it lined up with the front of the door and tack welded it at the belt line. At the pub during lunch I presume.. Anyway I worked for days and don't feel like I got very far. The fill...

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Started work on the front end today. My goal is to replace all the rubber parts, put in new tie rod ends, and replace the steering rack bellows. So, far I've got the driver side disassembled. I'm having trouble getting the tie rod off because it keep moving.

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Fuel Sender Calibration,3473986,3479083#msg-3479083 This is my home made calibration template. Just place you fuel gauge along one side as shown. Measure the distance between empty and full to get a half tank reading. Check your settings with an Ohm meter. You can hook up your wires as normal using jumpers to check the fuel gauge. Remember to ground the tank to the sender or it won't work. Note: This sender is from Jegs auto parts. Part number #3262 Universal Top Mount Fuel Tank I modified this to fit a 1976 MGB side mount. You'll need to change the gas gaug...

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Assessing the condition of the car
January 7th 2017 I drove down to Detroit to meet Pam and was accompanied with Aaron to retrieve a 1977 MGB. Was quite a chilly day with a high of 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Tow truck was scheduled for noon, everyone got there an hour early. It has been 20+ years since I've seen the car, and estimated north of 25 years since it was on the road. I had my car full of tools as I was not sure what to expect. I had a small air compressor, extension cord, tire gauge, socket set, open end wrench set, a 3.5 ton jack, couple hammers, 2x4, and some wheel dollies I purchased to move the vehicle besides m...


Thanks to my son & his friends, the new engine was finally installed this past August 2016. Then the LBSC was winched aboard a trailer & towed some 450 miles to my new home in rural Idaho. Although the engine is installed, there is still plenty of work required before the car becomes mobile under its own power again. The exhaust manifold & piping needs to be attached, carbs need rebuilding, braking system needs overhauling, cooling system needs refurbishing, Plus loads of small things. The car is currently in dry storage nearby to my home. Once the garage gets built this summer, I will move...


This is the story


I have owned my MGB for since July 21 1998, ( my birthday). I have not had the time or space to do a complete restoration (long story) but intend to do so - someday. The car has run and given me minimal problems considering its age (and make). I did have a couple of rust spots, not the sills but forward of the wheel well on the rear quarter panels. I sanded and fiberglassed / bondoed those areas. The replacement parts include: New Master Brake Cylendar, New Kingpin - left side - need to do right side. As for me, I am a young fifty-ish, I am in the printing trade, which has had some ups and ...


Managed to repair a bad ground affecting the right headlight, and installed a set of driving lights secured to the grill. As much as the are not my Ideal they at least provide the wiring for when I acquire something better. Still waiting for the cooling fan to be shipped from Victoria British in order to drive the vehicle to have certified,


Hello everyone I'm still in the process of restoring my 71 MGB and was looking for a set of Lugnuts all 16 thanks! Thanks for the responses below, I will be allocating more time to my MGB as the weather gets warmer, brakes first-all the way around!


So this is where I am at about 80 or so
Hi All The scraping is continuing...have about 80% of the underside scraped of the factory under seal and misc dirt and crud. So far the floor is in excellent shape with the normal amount of dings/dents. I will have to do some repair of the battery brackets (I will likely close these up with sheet metal on the drivers side to use as a storage box as I did on my MG and leave the passenger side stock to drop in a single 12V battery. I have found that once I scrape off the under seal the remaining residue comes off very nicely with some brake cleaner and a coarse scotch bright pad which l...


The Frankensump welds double sealed and smoothed
I'm just hoping that JB weld is as good as advertised! I used two tubes of it as outer seal on my welds, just in case! Another tube was used to level out the lip of the sump, which shouldn't be immersed in oil and is sealed with silicone RTV along with the gasket so hopefully won't break down. The next job is to modify the oil pump, I have already made a blanking plate for the oil filter take off, a cut down filter and steel plate. These modifications are needed because the oil pump is at the bottom, front of the engine and the filter hangs down beneath the sump and would foul the cross membe...


78 Mine Painted 1
The so-called “rubber bumper” of late model MGB’s are not rubber at all; rather, they’re a thick vinyl shell over a heavy metal frame. They actually are a very nice aerodynamic shape and their general shape and style was largely retained when the MGF came out long after the MGB had been discontinued. Probably the reason that they weren’t painted the same color as the car back between 1974 and 1980 is that elastomeric primers and paints weren’t perfected at that time. Had they been same-color painted, the MGB probably wouldn’t have had such declining sales, despite its increas...


The 72 MGB has a new owner. I sold it about a year ago since I got the '53 TD, the car I always wanted. I really don't have the room for two hobby cars. It is now owned by a teenager in my neighborhood who loves to drive it. Just before sale it looked like this:


Driver side door handle
... of a thousand. I installed the door locks and outer door handles, to make it more convenient to open the doors and work on the interior. As this car came without window winders or inside door levers, I swiped them off the red car (it has these "unique" cast aluminum with wood insert pieces -- I assume they are vintage AMCO or MG Mitten from way back). So the long process of stripping the good stuff off the old MG has also begun. I also spent some time fabricating hold-downs for the Parrish hardtop. The shop had rigged up something, but it was hooked to the naked inner body panels -- it ...


The portable garage I bought for the TF inadvertently turned into a storage building for hoarding. So I bought a property that has a rental house a garage/shop and two boat docks. I'll rent the house and a boat dock. I'll install a separate electric meter for the garage shop, put my MG in it. I'll park my pontoon boat at one dock and let the renters use the other.

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