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We are still getting hit hard with a winter storm here in Hood River, Oregon but I am not letting it slow me down on my ZB project. I have just finished cutting the air filter housing that had the oil bath element and I have followed the procedure form the Magnette.org outline. I will add some touches to the finished product by powder coating the housing after I attach the inner section back on to the housing and cover. I could not locate the K&N part number # E-3492 air filter at out local Napa Auto Parts, so I did the next best thing by tracking down a Napa filter that would fit in the origi...

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Passenger side parts from previuos night in garage
Just about ready to roll the car over, got everything detached from the rear axle last night so I can drop it out. Rear shocks are in great shape, lots of even resistance so I plan on dismantling, cleaning and refilling with shock oil and I will re-use them. The passenger side shock link was torched off by someone in the past so will have to replace that but otherwise all looks re-useable. Once the rear axle is out will dismantle, clean, paint the housing and check the internals. Springs I will disassemble, clean and paint...lots of re-use of parts on this car to keep costs down and also wi...

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Driver side cleaned
I had a warn winter day that I was able to spend some time in the garage. I chose to spend a couple hours wiping down the interior. After two containers of Clorox wipes, the interior is respectability clean. The Clorox wipes don't come out dirt black anymore. After wiping down a portion of the car, it turns more of a brown color. Unfortunately since the seats are brown, I don't know if the wipes are pulling the dye off of the seats. The interior doesn't seem grimy anymore. The seats seem brittle, and for a 41 year old car it's not surprising. I'm sure the Clorox wipes and cleaning solu...

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IMG 1602
Okay, so I've been trying to decipher the wiring changes that the previous owner made. When I bought the car, there were two hardware-store toggle switches, one on the left side of the radio console, just under the fan switch; the other was on the left side of the tunnel console under the ashtray. The former turned out to be an ignition cut-off switch, which struck me as a little odd since it was out in the open. I had no idea what the second one did until Nigel failed his safety inspection due to no back-up lights. It turned out that the second switch was for just that--it turned on the back-...


IMG 0299 1
Man! Does that stuff smell bad! Also, looks like there has been a leak from the line for quite a while. First things first. Start in the back with the gas tank and work my way forward. Am glad my son was helping. After draining the tank, I started working on getting it cleaned out. Who knows how much junk is stuck in the bottom. After reading up on bad gas and dirty tanks, I started with a vinegar soak. The fuel level sending unit was all gummed up, so I ordered a new one along with gaskets, and the three step tank process from Moss. Made the mistake of trying to slosh the vinega...


Nice to be putting something back on the car for a change, finished painting the bonnet, fittings and dash panel, then fit the bonnet and grill and gave them a good cut and polish, looking decent and now just trying to polish out the fine swirl marks from the buffer


So the prengaged mk II starter did not clear the oil filter. Bought a new lightweight gear reduction hi torque small starter, an inverted oil filter adapter and filters. New silicone covered 7mm leads as well as a Clark&Clark tunnel conversion cover. After considering varoius ways to relocate the shifter, this is the way we decided to go. I threw in a magnetic cover for the Coupe heater intake (may reduce leakage?) and a mk I arm rest w pocket and cup horder, for added convenience and needed storage. I am trying to create a a fun, relaible and comfortable -66 GT without changing it's loo...


1965 Austin Healey Sprite Before 1981
A few Before and After photo's of my 1965 Austin Healey Sprite


1965 AshleyGT Sprite MkIII Front
Here are some photo's of my 1965 AshleyGT Sprite.


We've sure enjoyed the MGB for the 14 years we've had it, but at this time are getting ourselves somewhat prepared to part with it...to 'give it a new home', and as the gal said when she sold it to us, "we want it to go to someone who'll take good care of it, and I feel you will...." (she was right). So, it's posted "For Sale", and while on The MG Experience, this is the first place to list it, we'll start promoting the sale of it locally with some fliers and classified ads as well as in Springfield, MO., giving it more exposure. So yes; we do hope we "find it a good home" -- it's in a...


Abe and his proper English Stiff Upper Lip When c
Unfortunately, Abe was not able to start the restoration process, or even find the time to determine the true condition of the car. He developed Colon Cancer the Fall of 2013, and passed the following early Summer. Before he died, he gave the car to me. One of my sons and I picked it up and brought it home in May 2014. I know Abe was sad to see it go, but he was glad that it was going to someone who would fix it up and keep it in the family. Abe and I considered each other as adopted brothers. We both had only one sister, and enjoyed many of the same likes and experiences. By giving th...


MG LMversion 3
Installed 2 with H4 Bulbs. Checks good , Looks great. $101.00 for the pair including shipping


IMG 0236
What do you see here? This is what we had from day one. Those carbs - they are 1 1/2 inch.... MGA. Along with the linkage and cable. No filter or filter covers. Obviously no oil bath housing or manifold. If you look close, behind the fuel hose, is a solenoid. Turns out that the starter pull switch was removed, and a push button added on the dash in its place, tied to the solenoid to be able to start the engine. Yeah, that is not normal. Notice the valve cover and oil filler cap? Those are from Ball. Shame that the tappet cover was not included nor the matching battery cover....


IMG 0239
Now the dash. The obvious observation is that there are two extra gauges, and the ignition switch and horn switch have been moved to the far right of the steering wheel. Turns out that neither the tachometer or speedometer work. Didn't know that till later after we got things running. I see that the car was once registered on the NEMGTD Register. I did go ahead and re-register the car again as my own. Also started to sign up on many of the MG boards and lists. I think I have read just about all of any monthly newsletters I could find on many of the local groups around the country. A...


IMG 0271
Wire wheels - painted yellow. Probably with a paint brush. Ugh! Lots of grease, oil and rust. And what's up with that Ah-OooGA Horn? See the wires with the single throw switch? That turns on the ignition. There are no keys. Sigh, will have to deal with that at some point in the near future.

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