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IMG 1715
I found some filler in the front of the bonnet, and after DA'ing it out I found where a series of holes had been drilled and the dent had been pulled with a slide hammer. There is no access underneath due to the structure panel that the latch pin & spring screw in to. Strangely the structure panel was dented from underneath as well, as if someone had closed the bonnet on a ratchet or something. I drilled the spot welds and removed the structure panel, worked the dents as well as I could. I had taken a vacation day because I was all gung-ho, but then by Sunday morn I was so frustrated I had...

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100 3139
After searching the forums here, ( What a resource we have ! ) I started on the plating on the foot wells and decided to do both sides. Replacing the bell housing isn't an option for my transmission and I wasn't sure that the bolt on shields would clear every thing. The inside of the passenger foot well has 2 walls with a 3/4" air gap for heat management so I welded in 1/2" I.D. tubing spacers to prevent the walls from crushing. I bought remnant 3/8" aluminum plate from Elliot's Mfg. ( A local motorsport friendly machine shop ) for $20. I cut the pan head allen bolts to length, so I'll have t...

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100 3114
After sending the pump mount to be zinc plated, I decided to finish the rear sheet metal. The rear bulkhead was made in sections for ease of installation. I haven't mounted the center panel because I haven't decided where to mount the speakers. I would like to use Miata seats with headrest speakers and another set of speakers in the foot wells. If I can't find decent seats, I'll put larger speakers in the rear panel. I installed the trunk hinges to check for clearance. The shock covers will be mounted with pan head allen screws but I haven't installed the nutzerts yet.

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65 Aitex pump and 9 E Bay pump
I had decided to mount the fuel pump in the tank but decided to use a pump from a street car rather than a race setup. My reason for using a street pump ( 96 Volvo ) is in case I had a failure, I could buy a pump almost anywhere and not have to wait for a supplier to ship it.I ordered an Airtex pump from Summit but it didn't come with the sleeve, isolator block or the wiring connector. After searching for but not finding the hardware I needed to mount the pump, I looked on E-bay to see what was available. I didn't find individual parts but found a closeout pump that came with everything for $9...


Got a Hardi fuel pump from Basil and installed it today. Other than my own lack of skills, the install went well. Seems to be working well.


Engine compartment getting started
This 1970 MGB is my wife, Sylvia's, first car. When it was purchased it was a low miles BGT and I think it was purchased in 1977 or so. The car had an aftermarket AC which we promptly removed revealing the badly bashed in inner fender well from the install of the AC. The motor had been rebuilt and the car ran well. She used the car for several years before the motor started to show signs of trouble. We took the motor apart and found that the thrust washers had been installed backwards causing the thrust surfaces of the crank to wear. There was excessive end play which had to be corrected....


My car is home!! In our last episode I had gone to pick up my '65 from my mechanic after getting a new clutch and associated parts from a throwout bearing exploding. (Ok, maybe not exactly exploding. But certainly shredded.) I drove her less than ten miles before the old, rattling, low-pressure engine finally gave up the ghost. Yikes!! My mechanic, Guy St. John of Ann Arbor (a fine human being), found me a much lower mileage engine at a very reasonable price from a 1971 MGB that was being parted out. There was a long delay waiting for the donor engine to be removed from its origin...


So I get home from work today it's a warm day and take the car out for a little exercise. I driving home and about a block away from my street, while staying at least 5 car lengths behind a soccer mom's suv, my windshield suddenly plink.. Now I have sizable divot directly in my line of sight. Just 300 yards and I would have been on my street home safe and sound. I guess I'll have a replacement in my future. Now do I recover my dash crash pad as a "might as well" since I am going to have to at least loosen it to get at the bolts or just live with the old cracked one with the top cover. Decision...


Well it's been awhile since my first post. I have had a change in plans since way back then, instead of doing the brake system and trying to get it on the road, I have taken the slower approach of starting to tackle some rust issues, and at the same time I have the engine and tranny ready to pull out and go through, while they are out I already have the engine bay dismantled so I want to primer and paint the engine bay while it is empty. I currently have the driver side front wing off and will have the driver's door off soon, also the windscreen is off as well. I need to do some inner and oute...


Engine Bay 1
Whilst the engine and gear box are out of the car for repair I decided to clean up the engine bay. I used a product from Autobarn called Agent Orange which you spray on and then wipe off. It was very effective and did not create a lot of mess that needed cleaning up. The results are very pleasing.


11 15 2016 Tire Mounted
I've got the car running, shifting, braking, driving, etc. Doing everything it was meant to do. I used the adapters from Creative Spridgets to put rear disc brakes on her. I will be completely redoing the wiring - up to a more modern standard. This is what I do for a living anyways (automotive electrical engineer). I think the guys at work would never let me live it down if I had Lucas system in there. I know they have to be as bad as their reputation, but this car needed so much work anyways. This was one thing I knew that I could replace and feel 100% confident that it's not going to need re...


I used to have a few classic cars many years ago. I performed my own work including rebuilding engines. Now, I do perform any repairs, I send it to a mechanic. My only car now is a MG Midget. That is enough for me.


DSC 0076
I have been stripping off and out everything in the car starting from the rear. I figure that I can do any bodywork, rust removal, etc. as I go. By the time I am ready to take it to the paint shop, I will be ready to remove the engine, etc. Plus I will have a place to put the engine while the body is not there. Still haven't figured out when I am getting under the car! I have some damage to the rear panel that I think will mostly beat out and just take a skim of filler. Definitely need new floorboards. Both doors have the crack of doom, one has two! Trying to decide if I want to do a lot of...


IMG 1707
I stopped by my parents to search for my bonnet buffers since I am working on getting the panel gaps correct. All of the parts for the car have been stored in their basement for years and I have gradually been moving them to my place a little at a time. During my search I discovered a couple boxes of brand new parts, receipts, and a Moss Motoring from 1991. I was 16 years old then. Here I am 41, trying to get the same car together, lol On the cover of the Moss Motoring they are advertising new MGB body shells for $3995! This was a great trip down memory lane, and I did find my b...


IMG 3839
Picked up a set of gunmetal Silverstone 15x6 wheels today. Bought in Vancouver from Will be fitted with new rubber in the near future. Have to attach the front and rear suspensions to the shell once it returns from the body shop.

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