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I like what I m seeing
Here are a few additional pics of the repair. I cleaned off all of the old sound/water proofing that was sprayed on the surface of the wheel well. Found one or two small rust through holes that I patched with some metal patch. Once it sets it's harder than the metal underneath and not too hard to smooth out with some sand paper. Once all the patching is done I'll give it an lick of rust inhibiting undercoat and a final of rubberized top coat. I have to keep in mind that I've only done one wheel well. The passenger side wheel well has the similar rust through issue. Oh well at ...

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What a lot of Rot
So the saga of the rust rotted wheel wells continues with some great progress. First let me say that I haven't worked on the car for several weeks. Who am I kidding, months! But once I got back into the swing of it and I see some progress I am getting more excited to get the C back on the road. I've been working on cutting out the rusted wheel well section that you've already seen and then replacing with a fabricated patch panel. Since I don't have a welder nor do I wish to purchase one and learn to weld I decided that since the section that needs replacing isn't a structural part I coul...

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This past week I had a large order of car parts get delivered. In the package was the fuel sending unit I was waiting on. This evening I decided to install it. I unwrapped the new unit and immediately took it to my work bench to replace the plastic fuel float with a brass one I bought previously. The brass float seemed slightly larger than the plastic one so it seemed more difficult to keep it attached to the arm. Eventually I was able to get it to sit fairly snug. Hoping that it stays there permanently. I then proceeded to calibrate the sending unit so it would properly show full and e...

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In 1985 in stopped driving it. Put it in a barn and walked away


1/2017 only 2 of the 5 still doing the work so I figure I had better get it started...So I put it on a trailer and it goes.....figure they can do the "heavy lifting" motor ...trans....fuel and brake system......then I can take over...)


11/2014 I can find 5 people within 75 miles of me that will do the restore for me....but for 1 reason or another I didnt do it.


In 1985 I drove it into my Grandmothers garage and there it sat for 32 YEARS!


First 3 panels are returned to the car
The first 3 panels are returned to the car. The wooden body tub is back in one piece as well !


IMG 1833
Here's the last pic of the motivational panel fitment. I think even if the bonnet gap ends up right where it is I would be just fine. I would hate for the for the new paint to be chipped, but there is a gap on both sides, and its even. It just closes up the slightest bit right at the nose. With all the work its been to get it to this point, its a miracle its this good. Every panel has had major work. The wings and doors aren't even original to the car. Plus it seems to be a common consensus on this site that MGB's didn't have very consistent panel fitment to begin with.


IMG 1832
Since I had been hacking away so much in the engine bay, I decided I needed to verify the fitment of the front clip. I was worried if either of the inner wings had moved its possible the bonnet opening would be incorrect. I had drilled new locating holes in the bonnet hinges and welded up the factory ones so I was able to align with 1/8" drill bits. It looked so nice that I thought what the hell, I'll mount the doors too! It was kind of a unneeded step, but seeing the panels all mounted with that sheen of the epoxy primer was a real motivator!! The bonnet and the lower part of the passenger...


IMG 1823
All week I had been planning on finding patching sheetmetal I could buy somewhere. The big box stores only show 22ga on their website. That seemed a little thin, although I believe that is what I had been using for external patches, I had bought it from my local auto body store a few years ago. Summit racing, which I am lucky enough to live about 30 miles from, has 20 gauge. Then I realized I have some scrap doors and wings, wonder if that'll work? It took some time to sand to bare metal, scrape off the sound deadening stuff on the inside, and straighten the curve out of it, but likely less...


4mgb 2013
My last journal entry was 4 years ago. My MGB is wonderful. She starts up on a dime and runs smoothly. I have decided to take it slowly. I have realized that the roads are not as peaceful as in the late 70's and 80's, when I cruised the country from NJ to CA in a 67 MGB. The energy is more agressive. I am presently sticking to country roads, those less traveled. I always enjoy passing and waving to a fellow MGB enthusiast. Today, while out in the B, I came across two 80ish year old women. The two stopped chatting to say they loved my car. They both said to make sure to drive it til ...


IMG 1817
I had to replace a little more length of the wing flange on the passenger side than on the drivers. Even still I had just enough of the steelcraft repair piece to do both sides. Here I have mounted the wing so I could tack it in. I need to keep some sort of reference, so I will use the rail. I will add the bonnet prop rod bracket later on. There's quite a bit more repair to do below the repair rail piece too. Saturday afternoon I drug the car outside on a jack so I could sandblast, everything is cleaned up in the trumpet area and the pedal box shelf area. I should have taken one pics of th...


IMG 1812
Some work on the passenger side. I finished cutting/drilling out the closing panel, and spent a lot of time planning how to handle the shelf area. I decided go big or go home. It only makes sense to make 1 panel for the whole area. It was tricky to cut out, I saved the concave piece where the steering column would go and I wanted to get the original panel out as intact as I could to use as a pattern. I hate to lose the RHD details, but at least I am saving the car. This one just has so much damage.


16 drawer chest from Harbor Freight My initial im
My garage highlight over the last two weeks was the arrival of my 16 drawer tool chest (see photos). This replaced the incredibly tiny and lame arrangement also pictured, plus half a dozen other small toolboxes which were scattered around so that I could never find anything. The problem is that I didn't really have any free floor space to speak of, so this large object is rather in the way, no matter where I put it. There are particle board shelves on the wall behind — I think I am going to saw off the last foot or so of every shelf (except the top one) in order to make space to push this...

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