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My wife Karen finished polishing 3 of the wire wheels so took down to the tire shop and had the new tires put on. They had the adapter to balance them. Put them on the car and they look fantastic. Day 2 cleaning the other 2 to get ready for polishing and mounting. Only one took a lot of weight so will ask them to rotate tire and balance again. One loose spoke on one wheel, need to check the spare wheel to see if it is better. Cleaning off 20 years or crud is time consuming but worth the effort. Dremel brand wire polishing wire wheels last many time longer that the off brands. Car is loo...

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2017 07 09 20 16 24
Any help is totally welcomed!

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Got one of the three back on the road. Replaced the throttle cable on the ’79. Starting the suspension on the ’65 with new everything, bushings, springs, shocks and all the little odds and ends. Should be done in a week. The ’59 Magnette is on the list but will have to wait till the ’65 is farther down the road to complete restoration.

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We're clear! After removing the crossmember (which I'd failed to notice was hanging OFF the copper brake wire), it easily dropped down off the car. Everything is now laid out in the garage. Interestingly, many of the parts in the suspension look like they've either aged well or have been replaced relatively recently. With the exception of the shocks, I'd say most of it could simply be repainted and replaced. I've emailed MGBHive and I'm waiting to here on if I can send some parts back with the surcharge items, e.g. wishbone arms. It's not that I'm overly fussed about the total spend, but t...


IMG 0982
On a pleasant January Arizona day, I decided to take a look at a headlight / headlamp problem. With the hood-up and the car running - all went up in smoke - from the starter to the brown wire junction under the dash. lots of white smoke. I started right away taking all the wiring apart. Brown wires melted a lot. I still have only conjecture as to why it happened - but I do think it was something I did - or someone before me. I found a big surprise down by the starter - But I was working in the dash and column - so it is hard to say. I studied schematics and read a lot on ...


So, after ordering an outrageous amount of parts from MGBHive (£350 assuming I get all the surcharges back), I began dismantling the suspension. In the build up to it I'd been experiencing some bad vibration and juddering when turning to the right. Decided to give work a miss on the weekend and get started to avoid another stressful, wince enduring drive up the motorway with something wrong. Took the whole suspension apart, the impact wrench was UNBELIEVABLE. How I've managed this long without one I have no idea. Rusted bolt? No problem. Stuck split pin? All good. It will basically re...


Ok well maybe not getting naked, however removing the front and rear bumpers really does feel like you are losing a bit part/weight from the car. Having taken them off an seeing what I am left with, I have made a list of items to look at; Indicators Number plate fixings, Front & back Rear under light gaps Rear restyling, Removal or Reverse lights Removal of raised sections for rubber bumper holding New exhaust options, Rear exhaust box is visible when bumper removed Suspension lowering options, car is sitting up at the front Ne...


Tin Worm at the Bottom of Both Doors
We finished the 1949 GMC prep for paint and got on the calendar for a slot in the paint booth in Mesa. The weather was unbearably hot and the booth wasn't available for a couple of weeks so I started working on the TD to fill the time until our slot in the booth. All the parts for the TD that weren't down to bare metal were sandblasted with glass media - the hood, fenders, running boards, scuttle and running boards - so we could get a better idea of the scope of work for this project. I knew the blaster at Arizona Camaro Restorations and Wyatt had good results with him not warping panels,...


The Craigslist ad for this car had a picture of a ivory MG TD, 1953. The first line of text of the ad read "This is not the car that I have for sale" The ad was for an abandoned project that appeared to have been sitting disassembled in a garage in west Phoenix for about the last decade. The car had been taken apart, the frame and most of the suspension pieces sandblasted and powder coated. The body tub had been stripped to bare metal and any bad wood replaced. I took Wyatt with me to do the inspection and it looked like the sheet metal was in pretty good shape. Arizona is very kind t...


This my journal of the restoration of a 1953 MG TD Mark II. The car was purchased in April of this year (2017) as a 'basket case' from Craigslist here in Phoenix. My wife puts up with my car hobby shenanigans with what can only be described as a 'good attitude'. On a Sunday drive we stopped by a car dealer in Scottsdale that had an older Morgan for sale, and she really liked it. I didn't really want to spend the money for a Morgan, and began to suggest alternatives, including TR3s and the MG T. We began to casually look for a classic British car along those lines. My idea was to have a ...


IMG 0448
Heater box went in today and was properly connected So did the fuses I'm rebuilding the light on the passenger side of the dash Insulated the oil pipe as well. Installed the temperature and oil pressure gauge.


Until today I had not payed much attention to the electrical components. Motor,clutch,brakes, then lights. While going through the process of trying to revive the engine using some of the techniques sugessted by several old wrenchers,I had a few minutes to spare. I dicided to see if the blower motor for the heater worked. So I hit the ignition switch. What was that noise? I traced it to the wiper motor. IT WAS WORKING. I had accidental hit the sipper motor switch. Ten years sitting and much of the electric is working! Fist pump!


IMG 0544
It's been a while since I last posted here. Things are going great with the MGB. I had another bucket list year at Watkins Glen at the vintage weekend in September We had our annual Sports Car Festival yesterday and it was a perfect day weather wise and well attended by sports cars. I hadn't posted since last year since I had a bit going on health wise. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the late fall and had a prostatectomy in December. They caught it early thanks to my PSA testing. I am now cancer free. After a short period of recovery I was back to work in two weeks and back in the off...


This, as noted in many other forum postings, is a nice kit and it really has the MGB sound I have been missing. The instructions and kit were first class.


After a long very kind and helpful conversation with Glen Towery I am going to give my engine another chance. Crossing my fingers.

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