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Installed today with the cone. Went super. Took half an hour with no effort. The 71 GT I bought was delivered today. It will be hard to decide whether to part out or restore. Put the bumper back on and put a hood on it so it looks better in the driveway. I have all the parts it is missing. Does need floors, one sill and 2 patch panels. Even has all the trim still on it.


Good couple days. Made a new fuel vent for the rear carb from a galvanized one I had laying around from a Tahoe. Looks great. Put trunk lock on it works good. Got last fastener on rear of speedometer and column tightened back down. Put on glove compartment door yesterday. Starting to look pretty close to finished. The cone tool arrived today for the rear bump stop. What beautiful machining. Will try it tomorrow.


So I decided to try and find a donor 280 ZX or Transmission and do the Rivergate transmission kit. After looking for about a year, I found a 1982 Datsun 280ZX on Craigslist for $500. It was about an hour from my house. I went and looked at it.All the wires on the motor had been disconnected so there was no way to even start it. I got the the car for $400. The front sub frame was so rusty I wasn't sure if the front end would stay together on the tow dolly to get it home ! Then I started asking around about possibly doing a minor rebuild on the MG motor as long as I had it out. After all it wa...


I just added a larger crankshaft fan to my MGB and removed my electric fan altogether. Parts required; Fan spacer #771-715 from Moss. Thermostat spacer 1/4 to 3/8ths aluminum. (Homemade) To fit it to an MGB you will need to; #1. Drill holes in the fan pulley to match the wider spaced hole pattern of an MGA. (the water pump is fitted with both hole patterns. No drilling required) I had an old MGB water pump that I pulled off the bolt pattern from and used as a template to drill out the pulley bolts. ...




When I started this project over 18 years ago, I ordered a new wiring harness and added 8 fuses in order to modernize the electrical system. But over time the original wiring diagram has been misplaced and the current owners of British Wiring do not carry the records from that far back from the original owners. I ran across too many problems; wires with no power, wires that were hot without the ignition, and the really big one - not being able to track down the correct usage of each wire. So I have decided to go back to the stock version and replace the wiring harness, keeping it simple, us...


I have decided to install the disc brake conversion kit from the using the '92 Nissan 240 SX calipers and the '85 Mazda RX7 rotors. John Scholz from Pleasanton, CA provided the adapter plate and I have installed the master cylinder adapter cover from Moss Motors. I have installed the tray under the dash and after I finish hooking up the heater cables I'll install the dash. I have been working on the Honda Accord seats by removing the backs so I could install the ZB ashtrays on the rear panels. The adapter plate is being made so the rails will match up with the ZB mounting...


Engine compartment painted this week, and installed original air filter housing on the ZS CD150 carb. Engine now much closer to original.


MGB Stop Light Switch Failure May 23, 2017 In the Fall of 2014 Judy and I drove down Missouri 94 to Mount Pleasant Winery to enjoy the Fall foliage and some wine. On our return trip home with the top down, a car pulled along side at a stoplight to tell us the brake lights were not working. As soon as I had a chance when I got home I determined the problem was the brake light switch since the brakes would come on when connecting the two leads of the switch. On this 1969 MGB, the switch is a mechanical switch that is off when the brake pedal is at rest and immediately on pressing on the ...


IMG 1737
Nothing too exciting, but I wanted to add a post to show that I have continued to work hard. I blocked the passenger wing (partially slick sand, partially urethane high build), the passenger door (slick sand), the passenger quarter (top in slick sand, bottom in urethane H, and the rear panel, drivers quarter, door and drivers wing (all in HB urethane). I ended up reworking the front edge of the drivers quarter, the drivers door, and the rear of the drivers wing for similar panel alignment correction as to what I did on the passenger side. Next I will slick sand those repaired areas...


MGB Fuel Gauge and Temperature Gauge Failure May 18, 2017 After driving the MGB 47 years, this spring (2017) I began to notice the fuel gauge would not record a full tank. I did not pay attention to the lower temperature showing on the temperature gauge. Each time I drove the MG this spring, the problem got worse. On one trip to Grafton, Judy noticed the fuel gauge near the empty reading and I explained I thought we had at least a half tank. Last week on a trip over to Jim Roth's house, the gauges failed entirely although they would work for a few minutes after starting. Today, I decid...

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