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Top down at last!

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Back of seat heater velcro to hold leather cov
The foams I received from Moss Motors, did not fit correctly either, so I had to modify those for a better fill. It is amazing how much can be done with a sharp kitchen knife, a sanding disk, high temp glue and pieces of foam. The seat frames were totally stripped and seat heaters fitted also. The seat frames are reclining with head rests. Scarlet is a UK 1968 but I guess as usual parts that were available were fitted. We all know MG's were made almost by hand and parts picked by hand too I expect. The only modification to the seats is a fire extinguisher under the drivers seat. Easy access...

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Its seen at least one rebuild 020 over
I've had a lot going on lately, what with working two jobs. And for three months I had overtime available at my full time job. This took up the vast (translation: ALL) of my free time so the GT has been largely ignored for about 3 months. Of course I'm grateful for the opportunity to make more money, especially in this economy and I've been able to set some money aside to purchase an MGB roadster or a Midget. Hopefully that will take place soon. Overtime came to an end and I actually had a full weekend off. I had to take care of some responsibilities that have been neglected but after tha...

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Ripe for rebuilding
So I've been learning more and more about my car whenever I spend time with it. It's amazing what lying on your back for several hours looking up at the underside of a car will do to bring you on a more intimate level with your project, or leaning over the fender staring into the engine bay will tell you. I haven't had a lot of time in a single setting, but over the past few months I've been able to take a little bit of time here and there, which is all starting to add up. Some things have left me pleasantly surprised, some have been less than good but for the most part I've discovered ex...


IMG 1932
Well finally after all these years, I have the means to get my 73 MGB restored..Really excited to have this classic car restored. Good news is the engine checked out ok, upgrade to electric fuel pump and ignition. But car is running well, with no major engine issues.


IMG 1253
here my MGB is loaded and getting ship off to So Cal for the beginnings of the restoration process.


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After 32 years, the awakening is finished...I drove "baby" home yesterday.....Now on to body and cosmetic work (in due time)


20171113 180254
Here are the pictures of the battery box repair. Formed out of 18 Gauge metal, the existing stuff appears to be a little thinner so welding it in was an exercise in patience! I have to get a TIG welder for finicky stuff like this...although the MIG with very careful continuous tacks works pretty well and then careful grinding and clean up! My kind of fun for the evening!


2 what I think are bullet holes Good story any
Well it's been a few months since I posted but had a lot of family stuff going on - sailing season, house stuff, etc., Now it is back at it! Got out the other night and decided to get rid of the bullet holes in the passenger side floor (That's what I call them and they sure look like a couple of 30 caliber holes got shot through from the inside of the car...) So I cut them out and welded in new patch pieces. I also tackled a minor corrosion issue on the passenger side battery box - of course it was a combination of acid corrosion from the battery I suspect. So cut that piece out and made...


It is done! Went back together very nicely. Clean up on the hood and rear lid next for paint.... oh yeah, and the front valance (I'd forget my head if it wasn't stuck to the rest of me).... Don't buy this car!


Purchased this vehicle at a storage auction. No title, no key and only a visual inspection, no touching or opening. A 500 dollar gamble figuring worse case would be parting it out or a quick Craigs List flip for a small profit. Our family had purchase a used MG B series in the early 70's for my sisters first car. Although the family and the car are long gone, I do have memories of cruising the canyon out to the PCH, hair blowing in the wind and the horn beeping through every tunnel. And that sign that read "Balling Rocks". Took me a few years to figure out what that meant. Anyway, the...



IMG 0513
Well, it was one year ago this week I bought and brought home my current 1974 B. I picked it up in Watervliet NY, just above Albany. The 80 plus miles to its new driveway was uneventful except for the awful noise of metal dragging on asphalt as we were passing through Stockbridge MA on the Mass Pike. Stan, the friend I hired to help me pick up the car with his car dolly, had the same look on his face as I did, thinking it was the drive shaft, exhaust system or worse when a please look cam over Stan's face. "I know what it is" he said with a smile as we pulled into the emergency lane. We both h...


laser cut bracket
I know this has been beat to death. Are rear disc brakes absolutely necessary, maybe not. Are rear disc brakes a good thing, YES for many reasons that I will not go into here. What I will say is the conversion has potential for being easy and inexpensive. Will I die? My other brake conversions haven't killed me yet, I doubt this one will end my life. The mount bracket is simple and easy to make with simple tools. I decided to have mine laser cut. They should be back from the machine shop in a week or two. The proof of concept/mock-up looks promising. The caliper and disc I have cho...


Removed the plug that was in the wrong oil hole, drilled and tapped and put new plug in the right place. Put it all back together and would not fire. Turns out there were lock washers under the heat shield stuck to the back of the gaskets. Removed and it fired up in less than 2 seconds. Ran smooth for the 20 minutes. Removed temporary fuel supply and using brake clean and air pressure cleared the clogged fitting at the fuel tank. Finally cleared at 135 psi. Towed it back home and changed the oil today and drained radiator. Machine shop sized bearing clearances near the high end so high ...

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