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Chris W Gold Member AUS

Author: Chris W Gold Member AUS
Total 212 posts - Started on 2006-06-18

There's an active discussion on DIY rear Discs for MGB here: Now an additional spring to encourage Ebrake pad release appears to present itself here on this pic. If you look at this picture particularly the black pins supporting the pads, I strikes me that a 'push' spring on these p...

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Eric Pfiffner USA

Author: Eric Pfiffner USA
Total 65 posts - Started on 2016-09-16

IMG 1899
I stumbled across Chris with Royal Restorations while doing a search for inner side member repair on the forums. He offered some items I needed that didn't seem to be available from the usuals. Toe board patches, I definitely needed those. He also offers channel that can be used to repair either the inner side member or the cross member; I guess they are the same size but I haven't checked. He'll sell it in whatever length you want, so I ordered 4' since I need to replace to just behind where the front cross member mounts. An entire new inner s...

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Warren Siringer Gold Member USA

Author: Warren Siringer Gold Member USA
Total 68 posts - Started on 2015-08-03

Removed the plug that was in the wrong oil hole, drilled and tapped and put new plug in the right place. Put it all back together and would not fire. Turns out there were lock washers under the heat shield stuck to the back of the gaskets. Removed and it fired up in less than 2 seconds. Ran smooth for the 20 minutes. Removed temporary fuel supply and using brake clean and air pressure cleared the clogged fitting at the fuel tank. Finally cleared at 135 psi. Towed it back home and changed the oil today and drained radiator. Machine shop sized bearing clearances near the high end so high ...

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Gil Dupre Silver Member USA

Author: Gil Dupre Silver Member USA
Total 96 posts - Started on 2006-11-08

STATIC TIMING OF MGA or MGB WITH PETRONIX IGNITOR INSTALLED (THIS IS FOR NEGATIVE GROUND SYSTEM) Follow the instructions on installation of the Petronix Ignitor. You can put the number one cylinder to TDC putting on the hand brake and put the car in neutral. Remove the number one cylinder spark plug and rotate the engine using wrench or hand crank until the number one cylinder shows compression.(I used a compression gage but I have removed the #1 spark plug and put my thumb over the hole and turned the crank until I feel compression then keep turning clockwise until the timing mar...

David Weyandt USA

Author: David Weyandt USA
Total 73 posts - Started on 2010-10-11

Got one of the three back on the road. Replaced the throttle cable on the ’79. Starting the suspension on the ’65 with new everything, bushings, springs, shocks and all the little odds and ends. Should be done in a week. The ’59 Magnette is on the list but will have to wait till the ’65 is farther down the road to complete restoration.

George Heissenberger Silver Member USA

Author: George Heissenberger Silver Member USA
Total 368 posts - Started on 2006-04-05

IMG 0544
It's been a while since I last posted here. Things are going great with the MGB. I had another bucket list year at Watkins Glen at the vintage weekend in September We had our annual Sports Car Festival yesterday and it was a perfect day weather wise and well attended by sports cars. I hadn't posted since last year since I had a bit going on health wise. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the late fall and had a prostatectomy in December. They caught it early thanks to my PSA testing. I am now cancer free. After a short period of recovery I was back to work in two weeks and back in the off...

Joan Trejo USA

Author: Joan Trejo USA
Total 87 posts - Started on 2010-03-31

I've been busy with garden, home and playing seeing eye wife to my husband. Slowly getting back to working on the cars. Agatha is getting ready for the cockpit rail to be recovered. On Godzilla , I've been trying to get it to start, took out the starter, got it tested, it is good. The battery is new and I'm just working on the wiring, the starter switch is good too. I will be ordering a new fuse box and ignition switch . I did finish cleaning up and replacing gaskets on Godzilla's carburetor and it is now installed back on the car. Looking forward to installing the rest of the interior on...

Steve Lyle Gold Member USA

Author: Steve Lyle Gold Member USA
Total 91 posts - Started on 2008-03-23

Our entry to the show pic
This was the 18th annual show put on by the Greater Ozark British Motor Club. They're in SW Missouri, lots of members live in Springfield, but they put the show on in Carthage. Carthage is a small town, very pretty, and the show is held on the town square. This was our third time at this show in the last 4 years - we missed last year due to a family obligation. The club does a great job of hosting - a parking lot party on Friday night, a well run show, a driving event, a very nice awards banquet, and a Sunday morning breakfast at a members restored Victorian home. And they make it a poi...

Steve Sargent USA

Author: Steve Sargent USA
Total 103 posts - Started on 2010-06-05

100 3159
I added a return line fitting to the fuel pump assembly in case I ever converted to fuel injection. I reused the -8 check valve that came with the cell for the vent line and used -6 for the supply. I plan to use hard line under the car to the fuel regulator but I'll have to wait until the regulator is mounted.

Gary Brown Gold Member USA

Author: Gary Brown Gold Member USA
Total 221 posts - Started on 2008-12-28

Replaced the fuel gauge sender today. Fuel gauge hadn't worked correctly since I got the GT back. Trouble shooting pointed to the gauge. When I pulled it the float was 3/4 full of fuel. Got it back together and went to fill up. Got back home to find I had a leak. The ring didn't tighten down all the way. Had to drain the fuel out and tried to fix the problem. the tangs on the neck are bent out of shape and aren't allowing the ring to tighten down enough to stop the leak. It's getting late and I'm tired of draining and filling the tank so I'm quitting for the night and will work on it again tom...

Chris G Gold Member USA

Author: Chris G Gold Member USA
Total 56 posts - Started on 2013-05-24

WP 20161116 11 55 18 Pro 2
I figured I needed to wrap this journal since the journey has come to a sad (to me) end. After a 3 year restoration process that was HUGELY assisted by the kind and very educated folks on this site, the car left today for its new home. A very nice lady picked it up today to surprise her husband with it for a birthday gift. I couldn't have hoped for a better new owner. I wont say who or where for fear of spoiling the surprise. And don't blame me if your birthday rolls around and it isn't your wife surprising you! I must thank all those on this site who posted generously, photographed mad...

egbert hascher NLD

Author: egbert hascher NLD
Total 59 posts - Started on 2006-10-01

P1050899 kopie
Another wonderful trip with my MGB. From the Netherlands to Limoges area of France. Lovely weather but very warm. 94 degrees F. We got in trouble, to get all the luggage in the car Tent. sleeping bags, air mattresses, camping chairs, gas cooker, and all personal belongings.

Dan Ray Silver Member USA

Author: Dan Ray Silver Member USA
Total 48 posts - Started on 2013-08-10

No oilpressure missingplugs1
Finally got everything connected, dash installed, etc. To start, I had to fix an air leak in the fuel line at the tank - loose connection, easy. Once that was solved, fuel through the solid state Hardi pump was working fine! Then the engine wouldn't crank. Hmm... Turns out I had the spade connector on the starter motor on the wrong post! Simple fix. THEN, time to crank the engine and get oil pressure. Bought a new battery because I knew mine was a few years old and it wouldn't charge beyond 60% or so.... Cranked for 1 minute, nothing. Bought a Harbor Freight Oil Pressure kit because I d...

Paul Mansell CAN

Author: Paul Mansell CAN
Total 89 posts - Started on 2008-06-16

20141101 00348
OK after much consternation I believe I have all the issues finally fixed, The shop managed to fix the majority of the sensor issues, apparently just dirty connections and one ground that was loose…..doh! So with that done went for a run and the car definitely ran smoother and stronger but the trouble light was on again. Hooked up the computer and found a code 44 lean but also it would glitch and 15-20 more codes flashed on then off again. 44lean refers to the O2 sensors and as these were the originals I decided to just replace them, had to get the muffler shop to look at the driver’s side...

Mark Williams GBR

Author: Mark Williams GBR
Total 51 posts - Started on 2010-12-19

20140119 113223
Getting ready for the big trip to France. The event is the Classic Le Mans weekend.

Mike Ruane Silver Member USA

Author: Mike Ruane Silver Member USA
Total 48 posts - Started on 2006-06-05

Replaced corss member some patches to the transmi
Well, a lot of little things have been done to the car over the past 16 months, but a basement renovation, adding Air Conditioning into a 1967 MGB GT, and volunteering on a local railroad - The Stewartstown Railroad - but over the past few weeks I was able to do some more body work on Frankencar. The Passenger side sill and rocker repair has been mostly completed, and the missing section of cross member has been replaced. More pics to follow in the upcoming months as I plan to get this restoration back on track.


Author: O M USA
Total 114 posts - Started on 2009-09-09

Performing routine maintenance on the under carriage of my MG.

Wilbur Engelsma USA

Author: Wilbur Engelsma USA
Total 62 posts - Started on 2006-01-23

Due to financial and health reasons, I have decided to throw in the towel and sell my project car. I would prefer to sell the whole thing, maybe someone can complete it. If not, I will be parting it out and selling it piecemeal. You can check out my progress on my member journal: The pluses: 1. The body is complete- all rust replaced with metal, seams welded, gaps are perfect, ready for built primer to sand and finish. 2. The suspension is all upgraded- Quaife diff, disc brakes and 4 link suspension in the rear. Large Wilwood brakes, coil over su...

Roland G CAN

Author: Roland G CAN
Total 90 posts - Started on 1999-04-21

The new owner of the GT is ecstatic with his purchase. What makes the transition a delight for me, is knowing it is going to a welcoming home. The owner is a young chap with many years experience working with cars and his father used to be a MG mechanic at a dealership in London years ago. The proceeds from the GT sale have funded the purchase of a 24' laguna sailboat. My wife who has absolutely no sailing experience is actually more excited about the boat than me. It's going to be a very full summer roster... RVing, sailing, jag tinkering... (not necessarily in that order)

Lou A. Platinum Member USA

Author: Lou A. Platinum Member USA
Total 48 posts - Started on 1998-01-01

Interesting, been wondering why lately my fuel gauge seemed to begin reading low soon after a fill-up. Started to drop to like an 1/8th of a tank and would just sit there for quite a few more miles. Pulled the sending unit from the tank, sure enough - the float is half full of fuel! Fortunately, since my recent acquisition of a 73GT, I pulled the sending unit off of that one and swapped it - now the gauge reads little less than 1/2 tank! Weird too, the sending unit I just took out is only a couple years old... new from Moss. Hmmmm.....

Simon Dix USA

Author: Simon Dix USA
Total 59 posts - Started on 2005-11-27

New on the left old on the right
Just keeping track of the mileage due to a speedo swap. Removing speedo reading 51,443 and replacing with 50,541

Mike Nyholm USA

Author: Mike Nyholm USA
Total 68 posts - Started on 2007-09-06

the carnage
This winter I would like to have the gearbox gone through so we pulled the engine and box out of the parts car so any needed parts could be salvaged. Engine was pulled the farmer way...borrow one wheel tractor and lift it out with the bucket. Total job took less than 3 hrs.

Sean Kivler USA

Author: Sean Kivler USA
Total 56 posts - Started on 2009-09-13

Due to my relocation away from SC last summer, I've elected to leave this vehicle and about $3000 in brand spanking new parts and professionally refurbed Leycock Blue Label OD. It was a dificult and painful decision, but it was necessary... Interested parties should call Bonnie Wright (803) in Rock Hill, SC. (listed under Kenneth) This will make somebody an excellent "project car" and has a lot of the elbow grease allready invested. Paint the motorspace and the trunk and reassemble! As the wheels are not on it, and the "lump" is out on a 2 ton capacity crane with leveller, care will be...

Mark W. Jackwood USA

Author: Mark W. Jackwood USA
Total 53 posts - Started on 2003-09-12

Glen and my MGB V8
Glen Towery dropped of some parts this day and although it was a very rainy day, he took the time to drive my car. He didn't say it but it looked like he was having fun. He gave me some pointers on how to improve some things, which was greatly appreciated. It was an honor to have Glen drive my car because he helped me so much with it. Needless to say, it was a good day!

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